Will Citi Honor the New 50k + Admirals Club Passes Offer on My Exiting Card?

If you are like me then timing is not your best attribute. Back at the beginning of September I did a round of applications and between my wife and I we picked up 3 new Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select World MasterCard’s with 2 of them being business versions. I knew enough to know that you never apply for anything less that 50,000. I also new offers with Admirals Club passes float around with relative frequency over the years.

However, there were no such offers to be had when it was time to get the applications going so I settle for the 50,000 miles after spending $3,000 offer and moved on. And while my miles appear as miles earned my statements now show a big fat goose egg in the column for number miles actually reported to AA.. Hmmm. I’ll have to dig into this.

While I was looking into this a week ago I stumbled upon the new offers for 50,000 miles + 2 free Admirals club passes. Chase has always been gracious in extending new and better offers to my existing account if I had just previously opened it within the past month or so. So why should Citi be any different?

I logged into my account, clicked on the contact us link in the top right and selected send a new message. Nothing major just short polite and to the point.

my message 1

My Secured Message


And within well under the stated 24 hour response time, I check and I had a response that was very helpful!

the response

Citi’s wonderful response

So if you recently have applied under one of the old offers it definitely would not hurt to send them a message and try to get the offer matched.

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