Top Cash Back Increases Cash Back on Amex Gift Cards to 2%

Just a quick heads up for those of you earning points by buying Amex gift cards. As of today, Amex has increased the payout via  Top Cash Back has for Amex gift cards to 2% back. They expect this higher rate to last for about 4 months (23:59 PT on Monday, September 30, 2013). But as with anything this can change at anytime, so no guarantees.
2 percent back on amex gift cards via top cash back



One important side note – the terms on Top Cash Back specifically state that any coupon codes that you use that are not found on Top Cash Back will nullify your cash back. So you probably will not be able to couple this with a code for no gift card fee’s. But you still can take advantage of free shipping via American Express Premium Shipping Plan which offers you a 90 day free trial. During that time you will get unlimited free next day shipping! But you must cancel before the end of the 90 days or you will be charged the annual fee of $99.


If you don’t have an account with Top Cash Back, you can sign up here for free.


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4 Responses to Top Cash Back Increases Cash Back on Amex Gift Cards to 2%

  1. cruisingflying4life says:

    The only way that it makes sense to do this for me would be if they reverted back to the purchase of one gift card with $3000 limit. I ran the numbers and buying Visa GCs at Jewel is still better.

  2. Terry K says:

    Can you assign a PIN to this card so that it works as a debit card?

    • The Points Traveler says:

      No, PIN option is not available for AMEX cards, which is why I don’t buy them usually. There are many people who buy them to hit minimum spending requirements they would otherwise not be able to hit in time, and then use the AMEX cards for purchases going forward or use them to buy Visa/MC gift cards

Let me know what you are thinking!