Today Only! 2.25% Cash Back on Amex Gift Cards from TopCashBack!

TopCashBack ran this same promo last Thursday so if you missed out you have another opportunity to get in on the deal. For TODAY ONLY you can get 2.25% cash back on American Express gift cards via TopCashBack. Note: Members can only buy $10,000 worth of consumer gift cards or $100,000 worth of business gift cards every 14 days but if you haven’t hit this limit in the last 14 days yet you should be good to go.

2 and a quarter percent cash back on amex gift cards from top cash back for december 4th

American Express gift cards can be a great way to help you hit minimum spending requirements on your new cards or just to tack on some additional manufactured spending. Also the end of the year is coming up and this can be a great way to reach those annual spending thresholds for additional bonuses on certain cards! If you do not already have a TopCashBack account I would appreciate you using my referral link to sign up. Keep in mind that AMEX gift cards are harder to liquidate that Visa gift cards especially now that and no longer accept them as payment. Be sure you have a way to liquidate them BEFORE you buy any. If you have any tips on liquidating this feel free to comment publicly or email me privately :)

Things you should know about buying Amex gift cards:

  • American Express is infamous for declining gift card purchases if the info you enter does not match your credit card 100%. Literally I have had orders denied because I listed a different email address in my order than what I had on my credit card so make sure every piece of information matches.
  • Purchase limit is $5,000 per person within a 14 day rolling period for personal gift cards.
  • Business gift cards have a larger maximum of $75,000.
  • If your order is denied they will still count it towards your $5,000 total limit! This is absolutely asinine but unfortunately it is true.
  • Citibank is known to consider gift card purchases as a cash advance. DO NOT USE A CITI CARD!
  • Take advantage of the 3 month free trial Amex offers for unlimited next day shipping to save money!
  • You cannot set a PIN for Amex gift cards so you will have to liquidate them by making purchases.

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