Targeted FlexPerks Promotion – Earn Up to 5,000 Bonus Points!

I just sat down on my home computer after an unusually long day at the office expecting to relax and catch up on all things miles & points related. I hit the power button to turn on my desktop computer only to have it freak out and start beeping at me. So I took a look at the screen and there staring back at me ominously were the words, “hard disk failure is imminent” and that is all the farther the computer ever went. Just great – Thankfully I backed up most everything a couple of days ago!

Anyway, in between trying to get the computer fixed I do have a little time to check some email on the laptop. What I found in my email was a bit of a surprise. There was an email from US Bank for a FlexPerks promotion for my wife for a credit card we didn’t even know she had! I vaguely remember her getting one of her 1st credit cards at US Bank but that was a decade ago and we never really used it at all. Honestly I was pretty sure the account had been closed years and years ago. But clearly that was not the case!

5,000 bonus flexpoint for spending 500 on the card

This actually looks like a pretty solid offer for such a small spending requirement. I could knock that out pretty easily. Now I just need to get them to send us a card since she hasn’t had this card in years. I will definitely take advantage of this as max perks have a max value of 2 cents a piece making this worth a max of $100 which is a pretty solid return on $500 in spending!

This is a targeted offer however you can go here and check and see if you are eligible.

How about you? Did you receive a bonus offer? What do you use your FlexPerks points for?


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