Stackable IHG Rewards Club Promo Codes

I did not realize how long it had been since the last time I published a list of promo codes for IHG Rewards Club. Last night I received an email from a reader, Kyle, with a bunch of new promo codes. So I started looking at realized it was last may when I posted an updated list of IHG/Priority Club promo codes! I apologize, a lot of new codes have come out since then.

Thank you for sharing Kyle!

For those of you not familiar with IHG Rewards Club, it is time for you check it out. IHG offers many different stackable promo codes that can be used to easily earn 20,000 points or more in one stay. 20,000 points could be good for 4 nights at hotels around the world via IHG’s Point Breaks program which offers select hotels at rates of only 5,000 points per night and the hotels change every few months. The most recent Points Breaks list included the InterContinental Resort Tahiti which normally runs 40,000 points/night!!

The Lotus Pool Tahitit Intercontinental

The Lotus Pool at the InterContinental Resort Tahiti

Just a reminder that most of the promo codes require you to stay at one of IHG’s properties within the next 60-90 days, so you may not want to sign up until you know you have a stay coming up in the next couple months. Once you are ready, head on over to IHG’s registration page and enter the promo codes you wish to use.

Also, some of the older promo codes from the previous list I published in May could still work, so you are welcome to try them out too!

Here are the new codes! Some may work for you while others may not, but give them a try.

  • 1012 – Elite Member Next Stay Bonus – 5000 Bonus Points
  • 1023 – Welcome Back Bonus – 3000 Bonus Points
  • 1027 – New member bonus 3000 points per stay w/in 90 days
  • 1037 – Elite Member Next Stay Bonus – 5000 Bonus Points
  • 1041 –  2000 Bonus Points per stay for 60 days
  • 2619 – Book Direct – 2000 bonus points on up to 4 stays
  • 2656 – Welcome Back Bonus – 1500 Bonus Points
  • 3825 – Elite Member Next Stay Bonus – 3000 Bonus Points
  • 4041 – Next Stay Bonus – 3000 Bonus Points
  • 4644 – Anniversary Bonus – 1000 points per stay for 90 days
  • 4648 – New Member Bonus – 1500 points
  • 4709 – 1000 Bonus Points per stay for 60 days
  • 4777 – 5000 point Platinum bonus
  • 7641 – Next Stay Bonus – 1500 Bonus points

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10 Responses to Stackable IHG Rewards Club Promo Codes

  1. Nick says:

    Thank you!!!!!!!!! There were 5 or 6 of these codes that I did not have!

  2. Joe-SC1 says:

    Good idea to stack as many as possible within 60 days of booking! I compiled a bunch of codes from multiple sources for a single night last week. I earned 35,150 points – directly – for $126 all in, which included three nights parking and shuttle to & from the airport. I also expect at least another 1,000 points from The Big Win categories, and 630 from my IHG Visa. Thanks for updating the list!

  3. Eric says:

    Can I use the codes more than once on my account or will they effectively expire for me once I’ve used them?

    • Jeremy - The Points Traveler says:

      Once you have entered them, you cannot use them again. Although some of the codes are good for all stays within the specified time

  4. Eric says:

    Cool, thank you. I see that I can get platinum status with the credit card. I’m wondering if I can get the credit card and wait 6-8 weeks for the status to post and still be considered a new member for the next 60-90 days… or if my “new member” status will begin the moment I’m issued a credit card. Would like to take advantage of both of these (well, all of these…).

    • Eric says:

      And do you still have a spreadsheet of codes? I would love it if you could send. Thank you!

    • Jeremy - The Points Traveler says:

      many of these “new member bonuses” have been known to work for people who have been members for years! the 60-90 days is from when you register the promo, so you should be just fine anyway

Let me know what you are thinking!