Reminder – Earn Your 2 Free Admirals Club Passes By Tuesday, Sept. 30th

I’m the type of person who has to do things as soon as I think of them or I have a tenancy to forget about them. Either that or I keep putting it off until it is too late. It is just who I am. I’ve got a pretty good feeling that I’m not the only one though. This post is for those of you who are like me and have either forgotten or been procrastinating.

2 admirals club one day passes promotion from citi aadvantage card reminder

Back in June, Citi sent out targeted offers to AAdvantage cardholders offering the opportunity to earn a pair of Admirals Club day passes for completing a specific spending requirement. The offers ranged anywhere from requiring $250 in spending up to $600 in spending at gas stations, grocery stores, departments stores, or restaurants. I did not receive the offer on any of my cards but my wife’s card was targeted  for the higher spending offer requiring $600 in purchases at select merchants.

Here were are at the end of September and I’ve just finished trimming our basement and needed to order blinds. No surprise that I had not gotten around to getting this spend accomplished earlier. JcPenney was running a 30% off sale + we had a 10% off coupon which brought the cost of the blinds down a little short of the $600 needed. No big deal, a few Shell gas gift cards and the spend has been covered.

Anyway – Time is running you. If you have yet to meet the requirements on your offer you only have a couple of days left as the deadline is coming on Tuesday, September 30th. If you find yourself a little short, keep in mind you can always get a few gift cards to put you over the threshold, just make sure they are cards to places you would be spending money at anyway.


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2 Responses to Reminder – Earn Your 2 Free Admirals Club Passes By Tuesday, Sept. 30th

  1. Helen S says:

    Thanks for the write-up. I just received an offer but didn’t notice that I need to register. Your post showed me clearly that registration is required. So, I just now did so. I have until Dec 31 to spend $250. Easy. But I would have missed out if I hadn’t registered. Thanks again!

  2. Awesome! Glad you got signed up. I didn’t know they had sent out another round of offers for the 4th quarter – hope I get one.