Priority Club Promo Codes

So I just realized that the other day when I wrote about how you I earned over 20,000 Priority Club points from a free stay at a Holiday Inn Resort that I forgot to actually list out the promo codes that you need to use to register for all the different current promotions in order to earn all of the points. This is one of the great things about Priority Club, you can stack multiple promotions in order to earn a ton of points! Also, you can then turn around and redeem them for free nights for only 5,000 points/night via Priority Clubs Point Breaks program (see my post on the most recent list of Point Breaks).

Just a reminder that most of the promo codes require you to stay at one of IHG’s properties within the next 90 days, so you may not want to sign up until you know you have a stay coming up in the next couple months.

This is the current list of codes that I believe are still active. If any of them don’t work, let me know so that I can remove them from the list. Keep in mind that new promotions come out periodically so this is not an all-inclusive list.

Just go to to register for these promos using the 4 digit code provided.

6102 – Anniversary Bonus – 1,000 points per stay for the next 90 days
8108 – 1,000 points per stay for the next 60 days
3136 – Weekend Bonus – 5,000 points when you stay two consecutive weekend nights (Fri/Sat or Sat/Sun)
2120 – Welcome Back Bonus – 1,500 points after your next stay within 90 days
1228 – Elite Bonus – 3,000 points for next stay w/in 90 days
5221 – Elite Bonus – 3,000 points for next stay w/in 90 days
3107 – New Member Bonus – 1,500 points for next stay w/in 90 days
5109 – Next Stay Bonus – 1,500 points for 1 stay w/in 90 days
4997 – 5,000 points for two consecutive nights at Staybridge or Candlewood Suites


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