Pick 2 Offers and Earn an Extra 500 Bonus Miles from United

Now through the end of June United is running a little campaign promoting some their partner earning options. And for taking advantage of 2 offers you can get an additional bonus of 500 miles above and beyond anything that comes with that partner offer. pick 2 offers and earn 500 miles   A few weeks ago we discussed a special offer from MileagePlus Dining which will give you 500 miles just for enrolling in the program. That is a pretty easy 500 miles that you cannot hardly say no too! Once you get that enrollment taken care you will still need to actually dine at a participating restaurant in order to qualify for the pick 2 promotion. It does not appear that you have to spend any specific amount to qualify for this offer so you could simply go get yourself a drink and call it good. That should be a quick easy hit for  of then you 1 more offer to choose. pick 2 offers and earn 500 miles THE OPTIONS   Fathers Day is coming up in two weeks so will more than likely be buying something so you may want to head on over to the MileagePlus Shopping portal and pick up a gift. If you make a purchase of at least $25, in addition to the extra miles earned for shopping through the portal, you should be able to complete the pick 2 and collect on the extra 500 mile bonus. But if the MileagePlus Shopping doesn’t do it for you then you could always consider OpinionMilesClub which is an easy way for you to earn periodic free miles for participating in various surveys. In order for this offer to qualify you simply need to sign up and complete 1 survey. Opinion Miles Club generally offers a sign up bonus of about 300 that you should be able to get in on with this offer as well. If you do it right you should be able to come out with some easy free miles. Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook and Twitter!

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