Is Now the Time to Get the US Airways MasterCard if You Haven’t Already?

As most of you are well aware by now, US Airways and American Airlines have officially announced that they will be merging to form the largest airline out there.  Of course we all knew this was coming, but it was only a matter of time before it would be made official. Immediately following the official announcement and ever since there has a been an onslaught of speculation on how this is all going to play out, how the AAdvantage program would change as a result, etc. etc.


While the merger won’t be official and complete until at least the 3rd quarter and changes will probably be being announced periodically for at least the next year, one thing is clear. US Airways and their loyalty program will slowly cease to exist. The only question is how soon will it all change? I would be willing to bet the AAdvantage program and the US Airways Dividend Miles programs won’t be combining for a minimum of 9-12 months, but changes are already happening (such as the disappearance of the Chairman’s Preferred offer of 40k US miles on 1st purchase) Barclay’s sent the following email stating no changes to all of its US Airways card holders.

Email from US Airways Barclay card

Of course they don’t want anyone jumping ship any sooner than they have too!

I am not one to speculate on the specific details but clearly the long-term credit card portfolio is going to remain with Citi who already houses all of AA’s portfolio of cards which is a substantially larger portfolio than the US Airways portfolio at Barclay card. So what does this mean for credit card churners?


The days have been numbered for the US Airways MasterCard. As the US Airways name is phased out so will the US Airways Premier MasterCard and the relationship with Barclay’s. I would highly recommend that anyone who has not had this card yet should put it on their radar for their next card churn.


While the Chairman’s offer was touted as a 60k offer, it was in reality a 40k offer.

  • 40,000 miles after 1st purchase
  • 10,000 miles at each anniversary
  • up to 10,000 miles on balance transfers (NOT WORTHWHILE)

This offer also waived the annual fee for year one which is a savings of $89.


Here is the current offer for The US Airways Premier World MasterCard®, but I would suggest to keep your eye open for the Chairman’s offer just in case first. This is my link which I do get a referral fee for if you apply and are approved. FYI-it states up to 50k but it for most of us it will be worth 30k.


UPDATED- Better offer available!: There appears to be an offer that is giving 35,000 miles after first purchase and it also appears to be waiving the annual fee the first year as well. This is a better offer than my link and the one I would suggest using. Here is the application page. FYI-I do not know how long this offer is good for, the landing page doesn’t mention the bonus amount but click on terms and conditions and make sure it still says 35k after 1st purchase before you submit your application.

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