The New Hawaiian Airlines® Business MasterCard®

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Last week I discussed the new Hawaiian Airlines World Elite MasterCard issued by Barclaycard. While not the most exciting card in the world it does still come with enough bonus miles for a round-trip flight to Hawaii from North America making it a decent offer. The downfall of this new card is that the current offer does not waive the $89 annual fee for the 1st year.

hawaiian airlines business mastercard

There is also a business version of this card though you probably haven’t heard as much about. While the personal version of the card is now being issued by Barclay’s, the business version is actually being issued by Bank of Hawaii.

Like the personal card, the business card also comes with a sign-up bonus of 35,000 miles but has NO spending requirement. The bonus miles are awarded after 1st purchase along with a one-time 50% off companion discount good for round-trip coach travel between North America and Hawaii. The business card also allows you to transfer miles between family and friends as long as the person receiving the miles holds the Hawaiian Airlines credit card.

While the personal card offers an annual spending bonus of 5,000 miles with $10,000 in annual spending, the business card features a tiered spending bonus with a higher potential. You will earn a 20,000 mile bonus for spending at least $50,000 annually or 40,000 bonus miles if you top $100,000 in annual spending. That is a pretty high spending threshold but 40% is a pretty solid bonus. However, if you are spending that amount of money annually you would probably do better to put it elsewhere.

The Offer:

  • 35,000 bonus miles with 1st purchase
  • 2x miles on Hawaiian Airlines purchases
  • 1 mile per dollar on all other purchases
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • ShareMiles allows you to receive miles from family and friends
  • Up to 40,000 annual bonus miles based on spending
  • $89 annual fee NOT waived the 1st year

Again, my big complaint with this card is the annual fee of $89 is NOT waived the 1st year. However, if Hawaii is your goal and you have already hit many of the usual suspects then the business or personal Hawaiian cards could be good for you.


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6 Responses to The New Hawaiian Airlines® Business MasterCard®

  1. Emmanuel Ruiz says:

    The application says Barclays all over the place. I don’t know why they are even including BOH. Can you please check? Do you have any idea who BOH pulls from (CRA)?

    • Jeremy - The Points Traveler says:

      You are correct, this is issued by Barclay’s according to the terms at the bottom and on the app. Hawaiian airlines is still using the card images from the old Bank of Hawaii credit cards for some reason. Weird.. even this landing page shows Bank of Hawaii in big letters right at the top…

    • Jeremy - The Points Traveler says:

      Looking further into it… Both the personal version and business versions are listed on the Bank of Hawaii website and show Bank of Hawaii on the card images & in the card name however state they are issued by Barclaybank but list as the Hawaiian Airlines Bank of Hawaii credit cards. It appears to be a co-branding between Barclays & BOH where depending on the channel you apply through or perhaps state of residence you end up with BOH in the name but still with the same card. I’m assuming this must have been part of the agreement since BOH previously offered there own version of Hawaiian cards. But it appears to be the same card in the end just a matter of BOH co-branding or not. At the bottom of the BOH offer page it states both names for the card as an AKA

      • Emmanuel Ruiz says:

        thx. wow, never heard of such an artangement. Two banks sharing and co-branding the same card.

        • Jeremy - The Points Traveler says:

          I know. weird, I called in to the application center to get info and the rep didn’t seem to know much. All he could tell me was that it was in fact issued by Barclays. But he didn’t seem to know anything more than that.

          • Emmanuel Ruiz says:

            I guess that’s the end of it. Done debating whether to get it. I’ve reached tha max. # of cards ftom Barclays – total of 2 with 1 just 3 mos. old. Hey congrats on ur new cards. I honestly went 7 for 7 in Dec. 2013.

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