New Enhancements to the Arrival Cards from Barclaycard

Barclaycard announced a renaming of the Arrival cards today along with a list of new features and enhancements that only serve to make these cards even better cards for your everyday spending. Prior to now, Barclay’s had done a poor job of differentiating between the 2 different versions of the Arrival card. Honestly I’m pretty sure there are many out there who didn’t even know that 2 different Arrival cards existed. Both of these cards was knows as the Barclarycard Arrival World MasterCard but were differentiated with an add-on line that stated Earn 1x on all purchase for the lower end version and an add-on line for the better card stating Earn 2x on all purchase.

arrival plus would card

We now have a more clear distinction between the cards. The card the most bloggers push will be known as the Barclaycard Arrival PlusTM World Elite MasterCard®. This is the card that currently earn 2x miles (and continue to earn at 2x) on all purchase and should be in everyone’s portfolio. The other version of the card will simply retain the title of Barclaycard Arrival World Elite MasterCard.

Barclay Card Arrival plus World Master Card


So we have established the new name changes but what about the features? Well first of all the new cards will be issued with Chip-card technology allowing Chip & PIN transactions which is slowly pushing into the US credit card markets. This will a be a nice feature for those travailing abroad where signature based purchases are gong the way of the Buffalo.

Redemption’s will be made more flexible as well. The way the Arrival cards are designed is that you will earn points on your purchases which can be cashed out for statement credits to reimburse certain travel expenses. However, in order to claim the redemption for that travel charge you would have 90 days to go back and redeem you miles for credit. With the new enhancements you will now be given even more of  a window to go back and redeem miles on prior purchases.

In order to get the full rate on your redemption you must redeem for a travel expense which is defined by Barclaycard. A couple new categories have been added as allowable travel expenses including buses, timeshare’s, & campgrounds which could come in handy for a big family outing we are planning at the Eugene T Mahoney State Park in Nebraska which is sounds like it is more of a resort than a state park campground complete with lodges, waterpark’s, waterslide’s, paddle boats, horseback riding, etc.

I’ve already been thrilled with this card since I picked it up a few months ago. Earning the equivalent of 2% back on all my purchases is a great way to cover those random odds and in travel items that frequent flyer miles may work for or may simply not be the best use for such as a rental car. With the increase list of what constitutes a travel purchase it will be far easier to redeem the points going forward as travel redemption’s include Airlines, Rental Cars, Hotels, Motels, Resorts, Subways, Ferries, Passenger railways, Steamships, Cruises, Travel Agencies Taxis, Limos, Campgrounds, Trailer Parks, Timeshare’s, Tourist Attractions and Exhibits, & International Railway.

I am very satisfied with My Arrival Plus World MasterCard especially with the great deals available on the RewardsBoost shopping portal such as the current ability to earn an extra 4 miles per dollar when buying American Express gift cards. That adds up ridiculously fast!

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