My Wells Fargo Prepaid Card Has Been Shut Down by the Bank

Two days ago I tried to take out some cash at a WF ATM with my WF Prepaid card. When I entered the transaction the ATM gave me an error stating my transaction could not be processed at that time. I tried it a second time with no luck. I was able to make a withdrawal from my wifes card with no problems.


Since then I have been wondering if I was being shut down. I have heard many points enthusiasts running into this situation lately. There has been a huge spike in the shut downs ever since WF announced that they would only allow the card to be funded via a WF credit or debit card starting in May.


The WF prepaid card has been a great method to manufacture spending to meet minimum spend requirements or to simply accumulate miles/points for cheap in conjunction with the Bluebird card. I used it for a few minimum spends in January and since then have been using it to rack up Club Carlson points since the US Bank Club Carlson Premier card awards 5 points/dollar on all purchases. In conjunction with the Last Night Free/Bonus Award Night feature, this has quickly become one of the most lucrative hotel cards in the industry! If you haven’t already looked into the Club Carlson cards, take a look at this previous post 85,000 Bonus Club Carlson Points via US Bank Credit Card.


Closure email from Wells Fargo Prepaid Visa Card

Cancellation Email From Wells Fargo

While I am not surprised, and kind of expected it eventually, I am irritated by the verbage with which the shutdowns are being communicated. The message explains the account has been closed and cannot be reopened and that if you try to use it, the merchant will keep your card. Great, that is all fine. The bank has that right. No problem. The email goes on to explain the reason for closure as “inappropriate spending/purchasing activity”. Ok, so I am still good with this. Obviously the banks intention was not for customers to load as much as they could, as often as they could and then pull the money out via Bluebird and ATM’s. They are not making money if you are not using it for all your everyday purchases as they intended.


That is how the explanation should have ended! However, the email goes on to state that this activity was “intended to perpetrate fraudulent activity”. Seriously?? Did they just accuse me of committing fraud?? Nothing about my activity has been fraudulent! Sure it could be a red flag for POTENTIAL money laundering. But to come right out and tell the customer that they used the card for with the intentions of committing fraud!!! That is crossing the line.


Since the WF Prepaid opportunity was scheduled to die on May 1st, it really isn’t a big deal that they shut me down. This does come with a perk too. I don’t have to worry about all the ATM and Wal-Mart trips to pull the money back out since they will have to mail me a check for the account balance!!


As I was about to publish this, I just checked my other email account and it appears my wifes card was shut down. Oh well. It was great while it lasted!


What do you think? Was that a poor choice of wording on Wells Fargo’s part or is it just me?

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