Jet Blue Becomes First North American Airline to Offer Family Accounts

One thing I have loved about British Airways is the ability to create a household account and combine points among family members. Unfortunately none of the North American carriers is on board with this concept… That is until now. Jet Blue has rolled out a family pooling program allowing family’s consisting of up to 2 adults and 5 children under 21 to combine points!

Unlike other programs with household accounts, Jet Blue has a very liberal definition. The 2 adults can be you and anybody else such as a companion, parent, or even just a good buddy!

Family Pooling Account

Key Points:

  • Each member chooses how many points they want to contribute. At setup you will have a 1 time opportunity to contribute a lump sum of your existing points to the account. You will then set a percentage of your future points that you want contributed going forward. Keep in mind, the percentage can only be changed once a year.
  • The adult who sets up the family pooling account become the head of household. This person is in control of the account and is the only one who can actually redeem the miles.
  • Miles can be redeemed for award flights for anyone and not just members of the household account.

While I have yet to ever fly on Jet Blue, I have managed to pick up some points in both my wife’s account and mine through Jet Blue Badges and other promos they periodically run. I never thought I would have enough points to actually get a flight, but things just keep getting better with Jet Blue. With the ability to pool our points and the fact that they now never expire I may just end up getting a free flight after all!


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