Hyatt Devalues the Gold Passport Award Chart

Hyatt is considered by many in the loyalty sphere to be one of the best (if not the best) in the hotel loyalty game. Hyatt has been a rock resisting much of the devaluation that has made up this past year since SPG, Marriott, & Hilton all starting things rolling. Although none has been as shocking nor drastic as Hilton’s absolute slaughter of their top-tier awards.

Thankfully none of Hyatt’s changes are as huge as Hilton, but never the less there are some big changes to some hotels. So what exactly is changing? Here you can see a comparison of the current award chart along to the new chart slated to take effect 1/7/14.

Hyatt new award chart for january 7 2014


The first thing that stands out to me is that Hyatt has adding a 7th tier. Currently Hyatt has 6 different categories of hotel but based on this chart it looks like they will be following the crowd and adding a new higher tier.

Under the old terms, the highest category hotel in the Hyatt chain would cost you 22,000 points for a night in a standard room. Under the new chart that figure will now be 30,000 a night for those hotels that get moved to a category 7. This represents a 36% change!! Ouch!

Category 5 and 6 award nights are also increasing to 20,000 & 25,000 respectively representing an approximate 11% and a 13.6% change.

The other major change being rolled out is the cost of upgrades to club rooms and suites are both going up in every category except for category 1 hotels. The biggest hike will be those category 7 suites which will increase a whopping 45%!!!!

So which hotels are actually increasing???

Below is a list of the 27 hotels which are moving up a category.

Hyatt hotels increasing category jan 7 2014

It looks like 6 of the most aspirational Hyatt properties will be moved to the new tier next year including the Park Hyatt Sydney and the Paris Vendome.

What about room upgrades?

Room upgrades are getting hit pretty hard with the new chart.

Currently upgrades require the same amount of points for anywhere from 1 night stay up to a 4 night stay.

Club room upgrades will increase from 3,000 points for 1-4 nights to 3,000 PER night.

Upgrades to a suite will go from 6,000 points for 1-4 nights to 6,000 PER night.

If you only stay one night, this won’t impact you. However, on a four night stay you will be looking at 12,000 or 24,000 points depending on your upgrade vs the old 3,000 to 6,000.

Any good news?

On a plus side, there are 17 hotels which are actually moving down a category. Some of them are very nice hotels.

Hyatt hotels decreasing category jan 7 2014

Any grace period?

Unlike the recent Delta devaluation, Hyatt is allowing you to make bookings under the current rates up through January 6th for future stays. As far as I am concerned this is just common courtesy/good business and I am glad to see Hyatt following this practice as most programs do.

In addition to allowing future bookings under the current terms, Hyatt will also allow you to make changes to those bookings between the dates of January 7th and February 15th without requiring you to pay the new rates.

It might be a good time to start looking at all your travel plans for next year and see if you can nail down the dates in order to get your stays under the old rates.

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For more info on the devaluation you can check Hyatt’s FAQ page.

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