Get Paid $15 to Buy $1,000 Visa Gift Card Through Gift Card Mall!!

 UPDATE: $500 is now the largest denomination

I posted the other day about the ability to buy Visa gift cards for as high as $1,000 through and pay as little as $5.94 each for the purchase fee and activation fee.  I am the one who discovered the opportunity to buy Chase gift cards for free. I thought the Chase option was the better deal but both could be utilized very well. But what I didn’t realize just how good this deal really was. Not only can you earn the points for the purchase of the Visa gift card and then turn around and cash the gift card out via Bluebird or money orders, but you can actually make money on the purchase as well!!


I admittedly do not us cash-back sites to their fullest, all though I have gotten better about remembering recently. But what I discovered tonight has changed the way I look at this gift card! I was initially using it just to rack up Club Carlson points, for a future trip to the Maldives, since the Club Carlson Premier card earns 5x points on all purchases.


For those of you unfamiliar with TopCashBack, it is a cash-back site that gets paid a commission for referring people to different sites to purchase products and services. They then pass along 100% of that commission money to you in the form of cash-back  I do not have much experience using them but have read a lot about them from other bloggers and posters who use them pretty frequently. Sometimes I have heard reports of it taking a while for the cash-back to post but it sounds like it works pretty well.


I found that TopCashBack will pay you 1.5% back on Visa gift card purchases when you use their link to go to GiftCardMall and buy the card. So you will pay about $6 or $8 per card depending on your shipping method, earn miles or points on your credit card, and then get $15 back if you bought a $1,000 gift card!! MONEY-MAKER!!!


If you haven’t signed up please use my link as I do get $10 for referring you to TopCashBack. Here’s my link. Once you are signed up you also will get your own referral link that you can give other people!


1.5% back for buying visa gift card via top cashback from gift card mall

1.5% back for buying visa gift card!!!




1. Sign-up for TopCashBack via this link.


2. Search for giftcardmall in TopCashBack’s website via the search bar.


3. Follow the link there to


4. Select Visa gift card and follow the prompts to purchase.

– One pointer – the site will not allow you to buy more than 1 $1,000 Visa card per order. If you try, it will error out (apparently the error was due to US Bank not approving multiple card orders) . But I have had success submitting multiple different orders over the last month.

– You may also get an email from them after the purchase asking you to call in to verify some info. Don’t worry, they are just asking you for your name, address, & to confirm the last 4 of the credit card you used to make the purchase. I have done it a few times and it was smooth. They are just trying to ensure it wasn’t a fraudulent purchase.


5. Earn miles/points and get paid!!!!!!!!!!!

According to this, after I ordered I was told the cash-back would post w/in 7 days!


Gift card mall top cash back confirmation



Is this too good to be true?? I don’t know, but I’m willing to roll the dice and see if I actually get the cash-back! But if you are going to be buying gift cards to manufacture spending or meet minimum spending requirements and get them somewhere that earns a category bonus then this is a no-brainer!


Anyone have any experience using topcashback that you care to share? Have you ordered Visa gift cards through GiftCardMall using TopCashBack and did the cash-back post??


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5 Responses to Get Paid $15 to Buy $1,000 Visa Gift Card Through Gift Card Mall!!

  1. Joshua says:

    I’m not a big fan of topcashback. I’ve been burned quite a few times by them. Good find though!

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  3. Dave says:

    Down to $500 now (as you mentioned). Costs going up… $3.99 for the card and $3.95 for shipping. Topcashback down to 0.5%. Still worth trying.

    • Jeremy - The Points Traveler says: offers 1% still. I have no experience using them but it could be worth a shot. Also see my posts on Amex gift cards, you could still turn a profit with that method 🙂

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