Get 5% Cash Back at the Store of Your Choice in October & Noverber From Discover

One thing I love about my Discover IT card is the random promotions they run that can end up being pretty lucrative. For example, I just recently signed up for an offer to receive $100 cash back for spending $500 per month over the next 5 months. While this offer alone was good but to have to meet the spend 5 months in a row makes it take a while which causes it to lose a little bit of its luster.

Choose you own 5% category bonus from Discover

Choose you own 5% category bonus from Discover


However, there is now another promotion which it appears anyone with a Discover IT card can register for which has really sweetened the deal. With this deal, you take your pick which of 6 select merchants you would like to earn 5% at during the next two months. Your choice is Applebee’s, Olive Garden, Bed Bath & Beyond, Shell, Lowe’s, or Walgreens.

The choice is pretty simple for me because Walgreen’s sells Visa gift cards and will accept credit cards for payment. Buy the cards, run across the street to Walmart and cash them out. So those 2 months of buying Visa gift cards will earn me an extra $100 back plus it will cover the requirement for part of the $500/mo for 5 months offer as well.

In order to receive the Choose your own 5% offer – all you need to do is open a different tab to login to your Discover account. After that simply click this link and make your choice! –

On top of that if I can cover the rest Christmas shopping since Discovers 4th quarter 5% categories are online purchases and department stores. Between those two I should be able to just about finish the deal out .

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2 Responses to Get 5% Cash Back at the Store of Your Choice in October & Noverber From Discover

  1. Jim says:

    Do you know if Discover offer any bonus to apply for the card?

    • occasionally there is. I know there was $150 bonus but that was back in January. There was $20 bonus last month on the student version. Right now I do not know of any – the tend to be few and far between on this card but it is worth checking flyertalk & google

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