Get $35 Off You First Hotel Booking With TravelPony + A Potential 10% Cashback!

Update: The $35 new member credit now only appears to apply to a minimum $200 purchase.

TravelPony has gotten a lot of publicity lately from BoardingArea blogs. I’ve previously heard of but admittedly never really looked into it as it is rare that I actually pay for a hotel. But after reading several recent posts raving about TravelPony, I figured I should take a look.

TravelPony is  a members only discount hotel site and from what I can tell the rates seem pretty good with some better than others. Some hotels have bigger discounts than others with discounts ranging from 1% to 20% from what I’ve seen. Plus the kicker is new members get a $35 account credit for signing up while the person whose link you use gets $25.

When you select a specific hotel you will then see a list of comparisons showing the price on other websites. In theory this can be really handy as you can get an idea of what that same room is going for on other sites. Take for example the following screenshot for the Hilton Chicago O’Hare.

travelpony comparison for hilton ohare

TravelPony’s rate comparison for the Hilton O’Hare

However the lowest rate I could find for any room at the Hilton O’Hare for March 1st on, Travelocity, or Expedia was actually much higher than TravelPony said it was coming in at $119/night. I was surprised but remain a little confused on how that could happen. My concern is that if it was that much higher than TravelPony said, the reverse could very easily happen as well, though I haven’t seen an example of that yet. So take the comparison rates with a grain of salt and do your homework before booking.

Unfortunately since this is a members only site, you will not be able to use the rates you find here to qualify for best rate guarantees. Pretty much all BRG’s require the rate to be public available published rates.

Another thing to consider: these refundable rates require a greater than 72 hour notice for cancelation or you will be billed the full amount anyway. Most refundable rates allow you to cancel same day at no cost, but this is not the case here so be aware.

Get 10% cashback

Not only will you get $35 credit but you can potentially also earn a 10% rebate on your booking as well. Several blogs posted that you could get 10% back from TopCashBack. HOWEVER several readers have commented that TravelPony no longer participates with TCB, so I would advise to steer clear. But for some reason they still list it on their site.

travelpony cashback comparison

I was able to find another site,, which claims they still give 10% back on TravelPony purchases and shows that they pay 6.5% back to basic free members. I have never actually used or so if anyone has any experience, please leave a comment.

So if you haven’t already checked out TravelPony go ahead and take a look and see how much you can save.

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