Free Rental Day from Alamo for Your Birthday

Sometimes it pays to sign up for programs even you have no current intentions or plans for using them. I don’t even remember when I signed up for Alamo Insiders but it has been a year or two and I have yet to actually rent a vehicle from them. Nothing against Alamo they simply have not been the cheapest or most convenient option for me.

Free Birthday rental from Alamo

I love birthday freebies!

When it comes to car rentals I have no real loyalty. I am generally just looking for the cheapest option with few exceptions. Earlier this month I rented from Enterprise on my trip to Puerto Rico, even though they were not the cheapest option. They were one of the few companies who had an on-site location rather than requiring a shuttle ride to an off-site location. I then paid redeemed Barclay Arrival points to pay for the rental car. Anyway, I’m rambling…

I just received a nice little birthday surprise in my inbox from Alamo that I might actually take advantage of. Honestly I had almost forgotten that my birthday was coming up (I try not to remember it anymore). This morning Alamo sent me an email with a coupon code good for a free rental day!

The offer gives a free rental day with a minimum of a 2 day rental. I might take advantage of this for a weekend road-trip to Minneapolis that I have coming up. It is nice to put the miles on someone else’s car instead of my own!

If you haven’t joined Alamo Insiders it certainly wouldn’t hurt to join. Plus you might get a free day when your birthday comes around!

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