Follow Up on No Fee Chase Visa Gift Cards

*************DEAL ENDS ON SEPTEMBER 22, 2013***************


Some text updated on 4/12/13 – See bold/italicized text. 


I would have posted this yesterday but I didn’t have electricity. We have been in the midst of a crazy ice storm followed by a nice spring snow storm! I still don’t have power but have a few minutes at work to crank out this update to the post I made on Monday, Chase is Temporarily Waiving The Fee For Chase Visa Gift Cards Ordered Online! Free Manufactured Sending!


Chase Visa Gift Cards


I just want to address some concerns that several readers have emailed me about:


1. Will there be a PIN option? One of my initial concerns had been that I would not be able to get a PIN for the card as originally state in the terms & conditions. However (and I updated the original post to reflect it) the terms have been updated stating that the cards will offer PIN options.


I received the 1st card on Wednesday at the activation line stated that a PIN had been generated and gave me the option to change it. I headed off to the grocery store and the card was accepted via PIN with no problems. So purchasing money orders or loading Bluebird at Wal-Mart should be is no problem. I just got back from Wal-Mart and was able to successfully load my Bluebird with the Chase gift card!! (4/12/13 10:49 pm CDT)


2. How many can I/should I buy? – This is a question I can’t answer completely for you. I was informed by one reader who called customer service that the limit is $2,600 worth of cards purchased per Chase credit card w/in a 30 day time frame. I have not confirmed this yet myself.


Whether you should or not is another question and subject of debate. The main concern is whether or not buying to many could trigger being shut down by Chase. I definitely wouldn’t suggest ordering $2,600 each on 5 different Chase cards, but if you were to order a couple on a few different cards over time, I don’t see the big deal. But only do what you are comfortable with and can easily liquidate. I have purchased $2,100 on one card of my own and $2,000 on one card of my wifes. If the deal is still available in a week intend to order $1k or $2k on another of our Chase cards.


2. Will it post as a cash advance? NO. I have made multiple purchases and many others have as well and all have posted as purchases.


3. How much can I load to Bluebird and how do I load it? Bluebird can be loaded w/ NO fee at Wal-Mart via debit cards up to $1,000 per day per Bluebird and a max of $5,000 per month. Just take the card to any cashier and tell them you would like to load $XX onto it. When prompted, swipe your debit card and enter the PIN.


4. Can I use the gift cards to pay my rent or mortgage? Yes, by loading the funds onto Bluebird you can cut checks to pay whomever via Bluebird online bill pay.


5. Will I earn points for this transaction? The order posts to your account just like any other purchase and will be eligible to earn miles/points. I have had my statement cycle now since my first couple orders and can confirm that you will earn the points.


UPDATE 4/12/13 9:38 pm CDT

6. Why do they ask for my Social Security number to order a gift card? I cannot speak for Chase. But with my years in the banking industry I will take an educated guess. We all heard OD stating that they removed VR’s and high value gift cards due to the high risk of fraud and I feel this is a method to reduce/prevent fraud. Think about it this way. If the clerk at the drive through wrote down your card info, they could easily go online, order a whole bunch of gift cards to their address and just like that Chase is out thousands of dollars. By making the person ordering the gift cards enter their SSN, they can assume with a higher degree of certainty that it is the actual card holder.


Just my thoughts. Anyone else have any other theories, comments, thoughts, or anything else to add?


To order the Chase cards just go to Chase’s gift card purchase site.


Update: Chase may start assessing the fee on 8/1/13


Check out this follow up post on 4/18/13 for how you can get paid to buy Visa Gift Cards in addition to earning miles/points!!!


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63 Responses to Follow Up on No Fee Chase Visa Gift Cards

  1. Joshua says:

    I’ve been waiting for an update on this. I am very skeptical on buying these because you have to give social security number. I don’t know if I like the fact that chase asks for that and can track my gift card purchases.

    • The Points Traveler says:

      I can certainly understand the concern. From my experience as a banker, I am thinking the rational for asking that is to reduce/prevent fraud. They already have your social since you have to use a Chase card. But since you can have the gift cards sent to anyone and not just the card holder, this is one way they can ensure that the person ordering the card is actually the card holder. Just my best guess.

  2. Joshua says:

    Not really sure I want to make this question public because I hate killing deals, but did you try to load BB? You said it “shouldn’t be a problem.” That doesn’t mean it won’t be. Would like to get your feedback on if you were able to do this or not.

    • The Points Traveler says:

      With the ice storm/blizzard and 2/3 of the city being w/out power for 3 days, I hadn’t had a chance to try loading it. I intended to go tomorrow but after getting your question, I decided to run to Walmart now and test it. SUCCESS!! There was no problem loading the Bluebird. The card reader asked me to confirm the amount, and then swipe card, and immediately asked for PIN, just like normal. Transaction approved!

  3. Joshua says:

    Chase is making it too easy! Thanks for the feedback. I now have a reason to bite the bullet and cash into some chase cards for no fee!!!

  4. Toni says:


    Thanks for the info. I just went over to chase’s site and read the terms and conditions and it still said that these cards do not have a pin. Any ideas? Am I in the wrong place?

    • The Points Traveler says:

      What you are referencing are the FAQ’s which Chase has not updated yet. However, take a look at the terms and conditions here and you will see item 3 discusses the pin options effective 4/1/13. Which I can confirm do work. Let me know if you have any other questions!

  5. Joe says:

    I’m leary of putting my own name and phone number in the recipient boxes. Unless I’m wrong, it seems a little fishy buying a gift card for yourself. I don’t really have anyone to buy it for though if I want to load it onto BB or cash it out. Any thoughts?

    • The Points Traveler says:

      I can understand the hesitance. Purely my opinion, but, I don’t see it as being a problem but everyone should make their own decisions. Reading the language in the terms, a lot of it refers to either the purchaser using the card or the named recipient. I have seen several other banks market them to customers saying they can buy them for themselves as a budgeting tool, a way to separate certain types of expenses (easy talk off if they call you out, you could say you are going to use them to budget your grocery spending to $500/mo or whatever). Again, I can’t speak for Chase, but I don’t see a problem if you proceed cautiously and don’t buy $5k or $6k at a time.

  6. Steven says:


  7. JakePB says:

    Has anyone had success leveraging the purchase of these Chase GCs for 2x, 3x or 5x?

  8. BH says:

    The maximum you can order in a single transaction is $2,500.

    I’m not sure this is a limit on total $$ per transaction or total cards. But since the max card you can purchase is $500 – it comes down to 5x$500 cards.

    I ordered $2500 and then immediately tried to purchase another $500 on my same card in another transaction and was told:

    Your order was declined for the following reason:

    So the $2600 may be a good bet (didn’t try to do just a $100 card). Based on the verbiage it appears that you can probably use another chase card to make the purchase. For now I’m holding to the $2500.

    • The Points Traveler says:

      Excellent info. Thanks for providing the feedback. I am holding off for a week or so before I try additional Chase credit cards as I’ve bought some on one of mine and one of my wifes for a total of $2,500 and $2,600 respectively over the course of the last couple weeks with all orders combined. Let me know if you happen to try ordering more with a different Chase card.

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  11. TP says:

    Has anyone tried purchasing a money order with one of these?

    • The Points Traveler says:

      Yes, several people have reported success buying money orders with them!

      • TP says:

        This is almost too good to be true! Are people also reporting that points are been earned with these purchases? Thank you very much for the great information!

        • TP says:

          Sorry for my typos! I am asking whether points are being earned — not been earned. Oops!

          • The Points Traveler says:

            No worries! I think I’m the king of typos, lol. Thanks for reading my blog and good luck!

        • The Points Traveler says:

          Yes – I have been told by 2 different people that they have earned the points. The charges are posting as a normal purchase and therefore should be point eligible. My statement cycles tomorrow on one account, so I will be able to “officially” confirm it. But there is no reason why they shouldn’t.

      • TP says:

        Just a follow-up — I purchased the Chase gift card. It took about a week to arrive. I created a PIN. This morning I purchased a money order. Everything went very smoothly. I immediately used the money order to make a payment to Chase.


    We continue to try to buy more GC with the same Sapphire card and keep seeing the same:
    Your order was declined for the following reason:
    YOUR CARD HAS BEEN USED TOO MANY TIMES FOR ALLOWABLE TIME PERIOD. PLEASE TRY AGAIN LATER. We bought only $2000 worth on 4/11, and now can not buy more. Waiting for closing date on another card to try 5k. We shall see.

    • The Points Traveler says:

      How many did you try to order this time? My understanding is that there is a max of $2,600 per Chase card per calendar month.

      • cruisingflying4life says:

        Data Report: I was only able to get $2500, but now see that $2600, is the max. You just have to get 4x$500 and 2x$300. Also, my initial purchase with CC-1, of 2500, finally got unlocked and I was able to purchase one $500 GC today – only one as I tried to load up another $2100, and would not let me.

        • cruisingflying4life says:

          Wow. forgot to mention that CC-1, initial purchase was completed 4-17, and today is 4-25. So, I think it takes a week for the system to allow more purchases of GCs (limited to $500).

      • Will says:

        chase gift card ordering system is weird. yesterday we ordered 5X$500 with wife’s card and her SS info. it went through. tonight I tried to order the same 5X$500 with my card and my SS. it failed. saying that my card has been used too many time. it is first time to use my card to order Chase gift card. only thing is that both wife and my card are Untied Club card, but separate account. then I switched it to my Chase CSP card, the order went through. I called Chase United Card CS, they said that they did not see any pre-auth coming. Very strange!

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  14. Trev says:

    Would it be possible to liquidate these with Venmo?

    • The Points Traveler says:

      I have not been able to link mine to Venmo yet because the cards don’t seem to have a billing address associated with them. I have registered one at but for some reason the option to add an address is not working. As a result Venmo tells me invalid zip code when I try to link them.

  15. aegt123 says:


  16. nvtech says:

    I was trying to lo load bb with the chase visa gift card.
    I have the card activated but when I try to load it, I see the following.


    any clue what it is?

    • The Points Traveler says:

      Not completely sure. Did you set the PIN? When you were trying to load it, did it prompt you for the PIN first or just go straight to the error message? I’m assuming you were loading it at Walmart? Checker or the Money Center machine?

    • Chad Brown says:

      @nvtech I had a similar issue. Just try it again or let someone know. If you do 2k on two accounts, you will get a similar error message.

  17. I had the very same error today and yesterday with cards that I’ve used before to load BB successfully. I wonder what is going on.

  18. MFK says:

    I tried to buy USPS money orders today using these gift cards, but was declined three times on two cards. When I called Chase to inquire about this problem, I was told that they could not be used to purchase money orders. The CSA said it is written in the T&Cs on their website. I told him I had not seen that stated anywhere. In addition (though not mentioned), this runs contrary to posted reports on their use. When I returned from the post office, I double-checked their website and the paperwork accompanying my cards and did not see any such restriction. Can anyone speculate why I might have been declined or recommend another place to buy money orders than the USPS? Thank you.

    • The Points Traveler says:

      I would suggest buying them at a Walmart Money Center. I have never had any problems buying MO’s and Walmart with them. The USPS must code it as a cash withdrawal which isn’t allowed, whereas Walmart runs it as a purchase. You will probably run into this issue with most, if not all, gift cards when trying to get a MO at USPS. Walmart should work. And if you are using 2 cards for 1 purchase, you have to tell them so they can enter the amt of each to split the transaction.

    • Paul says:

      @MFK Idiot

  19. MileHunter says:

    @MFK….why in god’s name did you call?

  20. Joshua says:

    @Traveler-Looks like the deal is still going strong! No Fees!!

  21. Tonia says:

    Could someone please explain how to use these cards to load onto my BB account at Walmart? I am having trouble understanding how it’s done.

    • The Points Traveler says:

      Create a PIN for the Visa gift card/debit card, take it & BB to Walmart. Go to money center counter and tell clerk you would like to load the BB. Give clerk the card, tell clerk load 500 (or whatever amt giftcard is) then when prompted, swipe giftcard/debit card, enter PIN and chaching! BB loaded. Or use the money center machine, select walmart money card, swipe BB, fund via debit, swipe visa gc, enter pin, done. If still confused, feel free to email me.

  22. RicoD'Ambrosia says:

    I’m having continued great luck loading my Bluebird with these cards. I have one question though-I understand that Bluebird will only let you load 5000.00 per month. Is that a calendar month, or more of a rolling 30 day period after each transaction? Thanks for your help!

  23. Susan says:

    Tried loading on BB today at WalMart and received the “DEBIT NOT APPROVED CALL AUTHORIZER” message. As the kiosk was broken, we were doing this at the Help Desk. After multiple attempts with two different GC’s I gave up and ended up buying money orders – and that transaction went through just fine.
    Just very disappointed the load to BB didn’t work!

  24. Raj says:

    Has anyone tried purchasing these using Citi cards? Does it post as cash advance or simply as a purchase?

  25. KS says:

    I bought two chase gc within three months to meet my spending. Anyone knows that $1000 will be included in the $5,000 spending requiement?

  26. TP says:

    I’ve purchased several Chase gift cards, and they have always counted toward my spending requirement. They appear on my statement as regular transactions.

  27. RichyG says:

    It seems to me that these gift card purchases should only be usedfor certain things, i.e. meeting spending requirements, paying taxes, paying property taxes, insurance on your home, car insurance, etc. Otherwise it gets burdensome and at $2500 or $5000 at a time it’s too much work to get a minimum amount of points for travel, hotels, although if you have thetime and patience to stand in line at Walmart then go for it.

  28. Ozaer N. says:

    looks like its confirmed on the chase gc limits: I tried to get $2,000 and it wouldnt let me……so $2,600 is the limit per 30 days.

  29. Mike says:

    I just ordered 2 at $500 each will post back with details.

  30. cruisingflying4life says:

    It appears that the deal is over. I tried purchasing gift cards as in the prior 3 successful months and got the same problem message 3 days in a row:


    I learned to set the date for the 30th of the month with success and tried July 29, 30, and today. Has not worked this time around.

    • The Points Traveler says:

      Try clearing you cash/cookies or using google incognito mode or IE in-private mode. I just ordered $5k more last night successfully. Also, double check to make sure your last order actually went through on June 30th and didn’t rollover to July 1st. Let me know if you have any luck

  31. Karen says:

    Any updates on this since August 1st?

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  33. sam says:

    You have to call up at (877) 426-2551 and tell them that even after 3 weeks ,you have not received the activation code. Keep pressing 0 till you reach customer service. Then they will ask you for order number, etc and they will activate it within 24 hours.

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