Easy Priority Club bonus points

Priority Club bonus points are easy to get and can be very valuable if used correctly.


I don’t consider Priority Club to be my “go to” hotel rewards program of choice. However, it is a must have program to keep in my back pocket as there can be some excellent value to be had with this program if you are flexible and patient.


Priority Club is the rewards program for the Intercontinental Hotel Group (IHG) which includes brand names such as Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza, Interconitinental, Staybridge Suites, Candlewood Suites, & Hotel Indigo.


Priority Club always has promo codes that can be added to your account to allow you to rack up points really fast. It is possible to earn a much as 20,000 points from a two night stay at a Holiday Inn!


My family stayed at a Holiday Inn Resort on Daytona Beach in Florida the nights of Oct 5th and 6th and I earned 20,470 points!! As you can see, I had used quite a few promotional codes on my account. That is one of the beautiful things about Priority Club, you can stack promo codes!


Now it did involve me emailing Priority Club in order to get them all credited, but that was only an extra 5 minutes. Just a few days after we checked out the first 11,200 points posted to my Priority Club account. Since I was missing points from a few of the promotions, I filled out the missing points form on their website and then on within a couple of days they posted two more of the promo bonuses to my account but I was still missing the biggest promo of them all! The 5k points for a weekend stay, which might I point out was the reason we stayed Friday night and Saturday night because originally I planned on us being at the Holiday Inn Thursday and Friday nights. But when I got the promo code for 5k more points if I stayed on a Friday & Saturday night, I figured it was worth the small change of plans considering we were going to be in town for a week and a half anyway.


Priority Club’s Point Breaks are what make this such a great program to keep a stash of points in. The Point Breaks program allows you to get a free night for only 5,000 points at select hotels around the world! Considering IHG’s hotels can range anywhere from 10,000 points to 50,000 points for a free night, this is a steal no matter how you look at it!

The hotels available for 5,000 points changes periodically so it is always the first place I check whenever I am planning a trip. If there is one that works with my destination and time-frame I jump on it. If not, then I just keep my Priority Club points sitting on the back burner.

So all said and done I earned over 20,000 points (4 free nights) for an initial cost of $300 w/ taxes. Of course it wasn’t actually my $300 that paid for the stay, it was paid for with a cash back bonus! So really by staying for FREE 2 nights on Daytona Beach, I was rewarded with 4 more future free nights!! CHA-CHING! (Yes, I did just make the cash register sound)

Writing this just reminded me that I was supposed to be getting a $25 Visa gift card for this stay too….. Guess I will have to send another email…

Elite Status:

Another perk of the Priority Club is that all points count towards elite status! So that one stay produced over 20k points which is all it takes to reach Gold Elite with Priority Club. Although Elite status with Priority Club is not all that valuable, it can at least be great for using when trying to status match with another hotel. Platinum status can be achieved at 60,000 points or simply by having the Priority Club Visa from Chase and is more valuable as it allows for complementary room upgrades.

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