Earning Miles and Points Without Applying for Credit Cards

Although sign-up bonuses on credit cards a great way to rack up a large stash of miles and points, it is by no means the only way to play the miles and points game. Maybe your still working on getting your credit up to the point where you can start taking advantage of credit card sign-up bonuses or maybe you are like me and are a little obsessed with earning miles and points and just want to know how you can get even more miles & points. Whatever your reason is, you should be aware of all the different ways this can be done. Check out the list below for some more ways you can play the game and build up your stash!

 1. Check out my recent posts on earning Free Miles

This is a running list of anything new I have posted in the Free Miles Category. So keep checking this link to posts as it will continue to change.

2. Shopping Portals – 

Many loyalty programs have an online shopping portal that allows you to earn bonus points on purchases online. These portals will offer you anywhere from an extra 1 mile/dollar to sometimes as much as 15-20 miles/dollar at hundreds of big and small merchants that you are already familiar with.

Air Canada Aeoroplan EStore
Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan Shopping
American Airlines AAdvantage E-Shopping
Barclaycard RewardsBoost
British Airways BA Miles EStore
Chase Ultimate Rewards Portal
Choice Priveleges Mall
Citi Thank You Shopping
Delta SkyMiles Shopping
Hawaiian Airlines eMarket
Hilton HHonors Shop-to-Earn Mall
Marriott Shop My Way
Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Shopping
United MileagePlus Shopping
US Airways Dividend Miles Storefront
Virgin Atlantic Shops Away

3. Search Toolbars

I am pretty sure that you have been searching the net if you are reading this, so why not earn some miles for doing what you already do? Several loyalty programs have a search bar that you can download for your browser where you will earn miles just for surfing the net. Sweet!

American Airlines – Earn 1 mile for every 3 searches up to 100 miles/month. Discontinued
Delta  – Earn 1 mile for every 3 searches up to 100 miles/month. Discontinued
Hawaiian Airlines – Earn 1 mile for every 3 searches up to 1,000 miles/month, this one is for all of you over achievers!
US Airways – 500 mile bonus after first search! Then earn 1 mile for every 3 searches up to 100 miles/month. Discontinued
United Airlines – Earn 1 mile for every 3 searches up to 100 miles/month. Discontinued 1/10/13

Keep in mind that there are periodic promotions to earn bonus miles just for downloading these toolbars,  such as the current offer with US Airways (I have never downloaded a toolbar without a promotion). Download the toolbar and do a search and just like that you have an extra 500 miles! If you do a lot of searches you can always install them all and use one until you hit your earning limit for that month and then switch to the next toolbar and so on each month.

4. Surveys 

There are several sites that partner with the different airline and hotel programs allowing you to earn miles for taking surveys. Some of these sites include E-Rewards, E-Miles, & TheWhiteboard. I use E-Rewards and sometimes E-miles.

E-Rewards This is a survey site where you get paid in “e-currency” for taking surveys that pay you for your time in taking the survey. The site is by invitation only, but from what I have heard and seen if you join a bunch of loyalty programs you are bound to get a few offers in conjunction with some of those programs to join and they usually include a joining bonus. When I joined I got 500 bonus AAdvantage miles and I have gotten many offers from other airlines to join as well. I usually get sent an offer to do a survey 4 or 5 times a week and they usually pay between $3-$7 for one survey. After you earn $25 in “e-currency” you can cash it in for 500 miles with whatever loyalty program you joined through. Caution– Once you join through any particular loyalty program, you are locked into only earning miles in that program and cannot change it.

AAdvantage Sign-up – get 250 bonus miles after 1st survey.

United Sign-up – get 250 bonus miles after 1st survey.

E-Miles – This site is open to anyone and you can redeem your miles for whatever program you choose each time you have earned 500 miles. This program takes a lot longer to earn miles than E-Rewards but you can usually pick up some extra miles pretty easily.

United MileagePlus Sign-up – Earn 100 miles after enrolling

The Whiteboard – I am not familiar with this site as it is by invitation only and I have never been invited… Bummer… But if any of you have any experience with it, please share that info with us all!

UPDATED 12/30/12 – you can submit a request to be considered for whiteboard via Delta here and if accepted you will earn 500 bonus miles after 1st survey! I just submitted my request today, so we will see how it goes!

5. Insurance Quotes –

You can earn anywhere from a 200 free miles up to 2,500 free miles just for obtaining an insurance quote. New Girl In The Air has a great post on free miles for an insurance quote offers that you can check out which will give you specific offers and links.

6. Make big purchases for other people

Of course I am not talking about you simply buy stuff for other people out of the goodness of your heart here! But rather if a friend or relative is going to be making some large purchases you could ask them if they would be willing to let you put it on your card and have them pay you for it instead! This fall my father had to buy a ton of decking for his new massive deck and allowed me to put it on my card! Cha-ching! (OK, so this one does require a credit card, but hey, at least it doesn’t involve applying for a bunch of new cards!)

7. Dining Rewards Programs

Yep, you can earn a ton of miles just for going out to eat! And it gets better, you can usually earn about 1,000 bonus miles on your first dine-out after signing up! All you have to do is sign up and link a debit or credit card to the account and the miles will start coming in. Each program has its own rules but you can in general earn up to 5 miles per dollar at participating restaurants! That is in addition to what you may earn on your card. You can sign up with multiple programs but you can only have one program per card at a time.

Alaska Airlines – Current offer is 500 miles for new members
American Airlines – Current sign-up bonus of 1,000 miles!
Delta – Currently you can earn 2,000 miles after your first dine!
Hilton – Current offer is 1,000 points for new members
United – Current offer is 1,000 miles for new members
Priority Club – Current offer is 1,000 points for new member
Southwest – Current offer is 300 points after first $25 in dining.
US Airways – Current offer is 1,000 miles for new members

In theory you could earn 7,530 bonus miles & points + the points for your actual spending on food, if you sign up for one at a time and then dine out a total of 8 times! Not to shabby!


This is just a taste of what you can earn in addition to miles and points for credit card churning. Keep checking back as I will update this page with more miles and points opportunities to come!

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  1. dan luttrell says:

    You also can earn points when searching through Bing and I think they have a tool bar. It’s limited to like 15 per day per device (computer=15, Mobile=15) plus they offer some bonuses. These convert at 400 Bing points to 100 airline miles. Not much but can be something for nothing. It adds up over time plus can help keep some programs alive.

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