Earn Up to 50,000 Bonus US Airways Miles for both New and Existing US Airways MC Cardholders

Barclay card is stepping up their efforts to attract new US Airways card members before the clock runs out and Citi becomes the exclusive issuer of the combined American Airlines. That means a big win for both new applicants looking to pick up the US Airways card.

50000 bonus miles with us airways card


Currently Barclaycard has increased the sign up bonus to 50,000 bonus Dividend Miles after your 1st purchase on the card and payment of the $89 annual fee! That is a fantastic deal especially when you consider so few cards offer the bonus after 1st purchase anymore.

Refer a Friend and earn up to 50,000 bonus miles

But Barclay’s final push for new card members isn’t just a win for new applicants. If you currently have a US Airways MasterCard you need to check your email. Barclaycard is currently running a referral campaign and is offering existing cardholders the chance to earn miles off of your friends.

earn up to 50000 bonus miels for referring your friends

There are two variations of the offer being sent out. The offer I received was for 10,000 bonus miles for every person I refer who is approved through this offer. There is also another version that awards 5,000 miles per successful referral. Both offers have a maximum of 50,000 bonus miles that can be earned through this promotion.

In order to receive this offer your friend must apply for the card and be approved by January 18th, 2015. Is this the last day Barclay’s will be taking applications at all for the US Airways card? I don’t know but I intend to have my wife apply for another one before then. This is likely the best it will get and then it will be gone soon.

If you plan on applying for this card I would greatly appreciate you using my referral link so I can get a few miles as well. If you have your own referral link and would like to leave it in the comments, feel free. Also leave a comment and let me know if you used my link (or someone elses) and were approved for the card as there is a limit of 50,000 points and I would hate for someones application not to earn someone a referral bonus just because they used a link that had already reached the max 50k bonus.

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6 Responses to Earn Up to 50,000 Bonus US Airways Miles for both New and Existing US Airways MC Cardholders

  1. Larry says:

    Just used your link for this US air bonus, and got approved today. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Mike says:

    There is also an offer going around that not only do you get 50,000 points but you get 10,000 anniversary points each year.

  3. Larry says:

    Just enrolled my wife and got approved! (Using your link)

  4. Used your link- thanks!

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