Earn 25,000 US Airways Dividend Miles For LASIK Eye Surgery

Ok, so this one is clearly not going to be for the majority. But this offer did catch my eye (no pun intended) because I have considered getting a vision correction surgery for a while now. I couldn’t find any similar offers with any other airlines, but if you know of a current offer please let me know.


Obviously I wouldn’t suggest jumping into LASIK surgery just for the miles, but if it is something you are considering then you should compare all your options. Be sure to compare the cost of the surgery via this offer with other providers to make sure you get the best price available.


25000 US Airways Dividend Miles for Lasik eye surgery



The Details:

  • The offer is for 25,000 Dividend miles of which you receive 1,000 miles for completing a free LASIK exam and the other 24,000 for completing treatment.
  • If you have previously completed an exam with LASIKPlus you are not eligible to receive the bonus miles.
  • To receive miles for an appointment of any kind, the patient must submit their US Airways Dividend Miles number and signed HIPAA consent form before that appointment begins.
  • Offer not valid if treatment occurs in the state of NY, VA, or TX. Other states may also have limitations
  •  If you register using your Dividend Miles account, your miles will post to your Dividend Miles account 8-10 weeks after your appointment.


Please be sure to read the full terms and conditions before moving forward.

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