Earn 1,000 Southwest Rapid Rewards Points for Filing Your Taxes Online With Turbo Tax

You should be receiving a W-2 pretty soon if you haven’t already. For an estimated nearly 120 million Americans that means you will be receiving a refund. That doesn’t have to be the only thing you get back (if you get one at all!) You might as well get some miles while you are at it.

TurboTax and Southwest have teamed up again this year to offer 1,000 Rapid Rewards for filing your taxes using an online version of TurboTax. This includes all of the online versions, even the free edition.

1000 rapid rewards points miles for filing taxes turbo tax

The Offer:

  • You must click-through the Rapid Rewards Shopping portal
  • You must file online by 4/15/13
  • Includes TurboTax Online Federal Free Edition, TurboTax Basic, TurboTax Deluxe, TurboTax Premier, & TurboTax Home & Business
  • CD’s or downloaded products DO NOT qualify
  • Points will post 6-8 weeks after tax filing date

Just so we are very clear on this point. This offer only applies when you actually use the online version to file your taxes online and does not apply to the downloaded version or the cd-rom by mail options.

I have used TurboTax for several years now and have been very happy with it.

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5 Responses to Earn 1,000 Southwest Rapid Rewards Points for Filing Your Taxes Online With Turbo Tax

  1. Nick says:

    The Home & Business version IS available for filing online. I use it every year.

    • Jeremy - The Points Traveler says:

      wow, I can’t believe I missed that!!! It is not on the main page but once you click “start for free” it shows up then as an option. I need more sleep! Thanks Nick

  2. Bjoy says:

    Considering this offer from SWA for filing taxes… not clear on the bottom line charges as it says “Start for Free”….then has $49.99 crossed out and next to that says “$29.99” (This specifically for the Deluxe version of Turbo Tax) . Is that the only fee I would pay ($29.99) Is that the filing fee? Wondering if there is any additional charges??? Reason I ask is bcs my husband who normally does the taxes usually buys the Turbo Tax (Deluxe) program for about $50.00 from an office store, then when he is done putting in all our info, pays an electronic filing fee (in past year) approx $20. Would you be able to clarify what the $29.99 fee is for and if there is gonna be any other charges? Thanks.

    • Jeremy - The Points Traveler says:

      Yes, the 29.99 includes the cost to electronically file your tax return. That price is strictly for the federal taxes. If you have to file states taxes, it looks like that is an additional 36.99

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