Disney World Here We Come

This last week has been absolutely nuts with working overtime 10 hour days at the office only  to go home and spend the rest of the evening working on installing trim in our basement. I’ve managed to get all 50 ft worth of Oak ledging installed, the window jambs built and installed, the jambs around the sliding glass door, and half the trim all installed. But I fell short of meeting my goal of completion before DisneyWorld. But what are ya gonna do…

At some point you have to slow down and get your stuff packed. Hopefully we will get all packed tonight and tomorrow without forgetting to much.

Photo by Disneytouristblog.com

Anyway for those of you who don’t know already, we are leaving Monday morning to take the kiddos to DisneyWorld. We have a large crew plus grandma is going so we are using 157,500 for flights, 190,782 Barclay Arrival Miles for Disney tickets and 3 nights at Disney plus $400 in Hyatt vouchers and $400 in Alamo vouchers earned from a Thank You point promotion from Citi last year for new checking accounts.

But anyway if you want more details on how we did it and planned our 9 day trip for virtually nothing you can read more on this prior post – How To Get a Family of 6 Plus Grandma to Walt Disney World for Free!

During our trip I won’t be doing a ton of posting as I already have received the lectures from my wife about this being vacation and not work but I have a hard time separating the two 🙂

Anyway, you guys are the best readers and I appreciate your patience as the blog activity slows for a short time. But rest assured, I will be back. We will have to do a good giveaway when I get back so keep checking in.

What do you think? Have you done the Disney World trip yet?

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6 Responses to Disney World Here We Come

  1. dan luttrell says:

    190,000 Barclay points are worth like $1,900 so are Disney tickets that expensive these days, yikes ! Sounds like fun though 🙂

  2. Justin says:

    I live about 45 minutes from Disney

  3. Linda Komisar says:

    Just curious…we were thinking of canceling our MilesnMore card today which is through Barclay. The sign up bonus was 20,000 miles plus a $79.00 annual fee. We have the arrival card already. We are interested mostly in some occasional international flying…Asia or Australia. Is it worth it to hang onto this card and pay their annual fee? Thanks in advance.

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