Delta Cuts Ties With The Whiteboard

First it was E-Miles and then it was E-Rewards. Then at the end of December I finally was able to get an invite from Delta to participate in The Whiteboard and get a 500 mile bonus for joining and taking my first survey. The downside to The Whiteboard was that they required you to have at least 5,000 points before you can cash out. I took a few short surveys right off the bat and then was offered a few more surveys in the last month but I was still a good distance away from 5,000 point/mile marker. I guess it was to be expected but I got the following email today from The Whiteboard:


Delta no longer participating in The Whiteboard

Without any warning and no time to have a chance to cash-out (not that I could have anyway), The Whiteboard announced that as of today Delta is no longer participating in The Whiteboard.

I never got anything out of it anyway, so I guess I’m not too terribly¬†disappointed, but Delta is killing off all the easy ways to earn miles while at the same time they are making it much more difficult to achieve elite status starting next year with the new the added requirements of MQD’s. And to think that I was switching over to Delta this year… I think I made a mistake.

Now that Delta SkyMiles are out, the redemption options are open to any of items in Whiteboard’s catalog including Paypal, Amazon gift cards, Visa prepaids, and a few others. The one thing I do not understand though about The Whiteboard is that they do not tell you what you actually get, value-wise, out of your points. For example, for 5,000 points one of the options is an Amazon gift card. But for value? $50?? I’m not going to push to hard to make sure I am doing surveys when I have no idea if the end reward will even have enough value to justify it!

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