Checking In from the Hyatt Place Daytona Beach OceanFront

We are in the middle of our 9 day journey in Florida and it is had to believe we are approaching the end already! I spend some much time earning the miles & points and then planning the trips but when the trip finally comes together it seems to be over before you even know it!

My kids can now finally say they have done Disney World. They had an absolutely enchanting time in the Magic Kingdom getting to meet many of their favorite Disney characters. Actually, the truth of the matter is that my daughter was in fantasy land meeting, greeting, and getting her pictures taken with all of her favorite Disney princesses  and the boys just rolled their eyes.

My two oldest boys on their first roller coaster Space Mountain at Disney World

My two oldest boys and I on their first roller coaster at Disney World – Priceless!

The boys got their thrills in on the roller coasters where they would each time say, “dad, don’t make me go on that again!” Yet within a few minutes they were exclaiming just how awesome the scary rides were. Space Mount was their 1st real roller coaster ride (with the exception of a small carnival coaster) and they both walked out of that one pale white. It was priceless!

We are having a fantastic time and I look forward to telling everyone all about your trip when we get. Right now we are settled in for the night at the Hyatt Place Daytona Beach in a much smaller than normal room for a Hyatt Place which is greatly disappointing. With a baby it is a huge relief to have a separate bedroom unit from the living unit. Baby goes to bed in the bedroom while everyone else hangs out in the living area. But not this Hyatt Place, the rooms are small, no kitchenette, no separate bedroom options. But I can be an easy man to please so my opinion of this Hyatt property may hinge on the breakfast skillet!

But I will head on out not and try to catch back up with everything that is the miles & points game when i get back to work on Wednesday.

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