Chase is Temporarily Waiving The Fee For Chase Visa Gift Cards Ordered Online! Free Manufactured Spending!

*************DEAL ENDS ON SEPTEMBER 22, 2013***************


UPDATE: 4/9/13 8:15AM – Chase’s terms & conditions have been updated to say that a PIN is now available on these cards!! Thanks for pointing out the change Harvson3!


Updated Chase Gift Card Terms PIN available


I stumbled on this last Friday while I was looking into options to buy Visa or MasterCard gift cards now that many of them have the option of getting a PIN. Having a PIN makes them easy to liquidate via loading Bluebird at Wal-Mart or buying money orders. A word of caution though, start small as some have reported not being able to run them as debit and thus unable to load their Bluebird’s.


Anyway, I ran across something interesting on the gift card portion of Chase’s website. For some reason they are temporarily unable to sell gift cards at their branches and as a result they have decided to offer them for no fee when ordered online!


Unfortunately some states are restricted from this offer.

“Online sales of Chase Gift Cards are not available to residents of the following states: AR, CT, HI, ME, NH, NJ, RI, VT.”


This is a great option for meeting minimum spending or for earning some extra miles/points! I bought 1 for $100 on Friday using my Ink Plus card to ensure that it would not be charged as a cash advance. The charge posted today as a purchase, so no worries on cash advance fee’s!!


Chase Visa Gift Cards Free No Fee

Key Information


1. PIN’s are NOT available on these gift cards. According to the terms listed online, these cards do not have the option of getting a PIN. So do not buy to many thinking you will easily liquidate them via Bluebird, money orders, or cash back on debit purchases. I am hoping the terms just haven’t been updated, but I will let you know for sure when my cards arrive (I ordered more today)


2. You can only buy them with Chase credit cards. The site states it is only available to current Chase customers and that is validated via charging it to a Chase credit card. I tried running a non-Chase card just to see, but no dice.


3. You can order multiple cards w/ values up to $500. The site does not give you the option to enter the quantity on your purchase. But after you fill out the info for the first card, just hit “continue shopping” and you will be able to add another card, seemingly as many as you want. DO NOT order too many as you may risk raising red flags and having a report filed.


Again, since you more than likely will not be able to get a PIN for these, do not get carried away and get stuck not being able to cash-out in time to payoff your balances or risk raising any red flags with Chase


To order the cards just go to Chase’s gift card purchase site.

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8 Responses to Chase is Temporarily Waiving The Fee For Chase Visa Gift Cards Ordered Online! Free Manufactured Spending!

  1. harvson3 says:

    I don’t see the part about not having a PIN. I clicked on the T&Cs at the bottom and saw the following:
    “2. Description of the Card
    The Card is a prepaid Visa “debit” card issued by us. You agree that no additional value can be added to the Card; you will not resell the Card; the balance cannot be pledged or assigned as collateral for any obligation; and it expires on the date embossed on the Card. You agree that the Card is our property and you will surrender it to us upon our request. The Card balance is considered a deposit and is subject to FDIC insurance.

    3. Debit or Credit?
    A merchant may ask you if your Card purchase is “Debit” or “Credit.” You have two choices. In both instances, your purchase will be subtracted directly from the remaining balance on your Card.

    If you choose credit: Select “Credit” and sign the receipt if required. For some small dollar purchases and when you pay at the gas pump, you may not need to provide a signature.

    If you choose debit: Select “Debit” and you must enter your PIN. “PIN” means a four (4) digit personal identification number that you can select by calling us at 1.866.466.0079.”

  2. Sheila Maul says:

    I tried to buy a Visa gift card at the bank today. I was told they don’t sell them anymore at the Chase bank.
    What is going on????

  3. Luz says:

    I don’t have a Chase Bank card. I want to be able to purchase serveral Visa gift cards using my credit card but I can’t. Please help me. I need to get these gift cards soon….I will appreciate any assistance in this manner.

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