To Anyone Who’s Wells Fargo Prepaid Card Was Shut Down by the Bank

Earlier today I wrote about how I got the emails from Wells Fargo stating they had shut down our prepaid Visa cards due to inappropriate use. I wanted to give a follow-up to all of you who may have had the same thing happen to you.   I’ve heard a lot of people assuming Wells … Read the Full Post

My Wells Fargo Prepaid Card Has Been Shut Down by the Bank

Two days ago I tried to take out some cash at a WF ATM with my WF Prepaid card. When I entered the transaction the ATM gave me an error stating my transaction could not be processed at that time. I tried it a second time with no luck. I was able to make a … Read the Full Post

$21,000 in Minimum Spend for First Quarter Churn Complete!

On January 8th I posted about my 1st quarter churn in which I applied for a total of 8 cards between my wife and I for a total potential haul of 450,000 miles and points. Generally I try to keep the overall minimum spending requirements as low as possible by making sure to include offers … Read the Full Post

Using the Wells Fargo Prepaid Card to Meet Minimum Spending Requirements

If you read my 1st quarter churn post, you already know that I have a massive amount of spending required in order to get the full bonus miles and points from the 8 new credit cards that were approved a couple of weeks ago. Between my wife and I there is a grand total of … Read the Full Post

How Am I Going to Hit $21,000 Minimum Spend in 4 Months?

My latest card churn came with a pretty substantial set of minimum spending requirements. The days of getting massive sign-up bonuses simply by getting a credit card and only making 1 purchase are slowly becoming history. Obviously there are still many offers out there that will award the bonus after your 1st purchase, but credit … Read the Full Post