No Fees on American Express Photo Gift Cards Now Through August 31st 2013!

Buying gift cards seems to be the topic as of late. Buying gift cards are one of the quickest ways to hit a minimum spending requirement on a new card or just to manufacture a large amount of spending to earn extra miles or points. If you are not familiar with the concept of manufactured … Read the Full Post

GiftCardMall is Back On TopCashBack!!

Three days ago I was disappointed to see the ability to earn cash back through TopCashBack suddenly eliminated. This had been one of the better ways to manufacture spending in a while. Even after the max card amount was lowered from $1,000 down to $500 and an extra $2 fee/card was added, this still remained a pretty … Read the Full Post

Top Cash Back No Longer Offering Cash Back for Purchases at Gift Card Mall

A 2nd dose of bad news for those buying Visa gift cards from Gift Card Mall. 1st it was the reduction of the max card amount from $1,000 per card down to only $500 along with the added fee of $2 per card ordered (in addition to normal fee & shipping). Now a 2nd dose … Read the Full Post

Credit Cards With The Best Annual Spending Threshold Bonuses

With all the possibilities to manufacture spending going on these days with things like Visa and MasterCard gift cards and Vanilla Reloads, I decided it was time to take another look at which cards would be the best to put the majority of that manufactured spending on. Even though we are 4 months into the … Read the Full Post

2% Cash Back on Visa Gift Cards – One Day Only

About two weeks ago, I showed how you can get paid for buying $1,000 Visa gift cards simply by signing up for TopCashBack and using their link to get to Gift Card Mall. Buying Visa gift cards can be a great way to manufacture a lot of spending at a very low-cost or even at a profit … Read the Full Post

An Introduction to the Basics of Manufactured Spending

I thought I would take a little time and explain the general concepts of manufactured spending for those of you who are new to the miles and points world, or maybe just new to this concept. So here is beginner’s guide to manufactured spending. This is intended to be a great starting point for those … Read the Full Post

Get Paid $15 to Buy $1,000 Visa Gift Card Through Gift Card Mall!!

 UPDATE: $500 is now the largest denomination I posted the other day about the ability to buy Visa gift cards for as high as $1,000 through and pay as little as $5.94 each for the purchase fee and activation fee.  I am the one who discovered the opportunity to buy Chase gift cards for … Read the Full Post

$1,000 Visa Gift Card From, Is It Worth It?

Related Post: 4/18/13 Get Paid $15 to Buy $1,000 Visa Gift Card Through Gift Card Mall!!  UPDATE: $500 is now the largest denomination I wasn’t planning on writing this post yet. But since Million Miles Secrets posted on it Saturday, I figured this would be as good of a time as any to discuss this. Back … Read the Full Post

Follow Up on No Fee Chase Visa Gift Cards

*************DEAL ENDS ON SEPTEMBER 22, 2013***************   Some text updated on 4/12/13 – See bold/italicized text.    I would have posted this yesterday but I didn’t have electricity. We have been in the midst of a crazy ice storm followed by a nice spring snow storm! I still don’t have power but have a few minutes … Read the Full Post

Chase is Temporarily Waiving The Fee For Chase Visa Gift Cards Ordered Online! Free Manufactured Spending!

*************DEAL ENDS ON SEPTEMBER 22, 2013***************   UPDATE: 4/9/13 8:15AM – Chase’s terms & conditions have been updated to say that a PIN is now available on these cards!! Thanks for pointing out the change Harvson3!     I stumbled on this last Friday while I was looking into options to buy Visa or MasterCard … Read the Full Post