300 Easy Free La Quinta Early Retuns Bonus Points

300 easy points from la quinta

La Quinta is currently offering 300 points simply for watching a short video. This is a promotion that has been available on and off again for a couple of years now. You actually don’t even have to watch the video. Simply head on over to this page and enter you Early Returns member # and last … Read the Full Post

Quick Reminder – Tonight Is The Final Night Of The La Quinta Stay & Play Game

Final night of the la quinta stay and play game

I apologize for not getting this reminder out earlier but this has been one crazy day. I finally just managed to get out of the office so I guess better late than never. The final day of the La Quinta Stay & Play game has arrived. You might as well sign in one last time … Read the Full Post

300 Free La Quinta Early Returns Points Still Available

earn 300 points from la quinta

Last July I had a post on getting 300 free La Quinta points for watching a short video or you could simply by-pass the video and go straight to the sign-up page. While that initial offer has expired, it appears that the offer has been reopened again until February 15th, 2014. HT: View From the Wing … Read the Full Post

300 Free Points Via La Quinta Returns Military Rewards Program

300 bonus points for military rewards from la quinta returns

If you are a current or former military member or the spouse of a current or former military member you can score some added benefits from La Quinta Inn & Suites included 300 bonus points. This offer is available to both existing La Quinta Returns members and new members. The Military Rewards program is essentially … Read the Full Post

Free La Quinta Returns Hotel Points With The La Quinta Stay And Play Game

la quinta welcome back play and stay game screen shot

If you have some time to kill you could score yourself some free hotel points from La Quinta by playing their Play & Stay Game. The game is a simple slot machine style game that gives you a chance at winning free points or free stays. In order to pay you need tokens, which you … Read the Full Post

300 Free La Quinta Returns Points

InACents has pointed out an opportunity to earn a quick easy 300 points in La Quita’s loyalty program. All that is required is for you to watch one of the following videos and then enter in your member number and last name. LQ.com/MyCaliTrip lq.com/MyTexasTrip lq.com/MYFLORIDATRIP     Heck you can even skip the video and … Read the Full Post