2,000 to 3,500 Miles With Delta, United, or US Air From ShareBuilder

See update in Bold at bottom as of 5/11/13 @ 8:00pm Hat tip to samdori on Flyertalk. It’s nice to see the opportunity to earn some bonus miles for an investment account that does not require sticking $50,000 or more in the account. I have to admit that Sharebuilder has long since fallen off my radar, … Read the Full Post

2% Cash Back on Visa Gift Cards – One Day Only

About two weeks ago, I showed how you can get paid for buying $1,000 Visa gift cards simply by signing up for TopCashBack and using their link to get to Gift Card Mall. Buying Visa gift cards can be a great way to manufacture a lot of spending at a very low-cost or even at a profit … Read the Full Post

Get Paid $15 to Buy $1,000 Visa Gift Card Through Gift Card Mall!!

 UPDATE: $500 is now the largest denomination I posted the other day about the ability to buy Visa gift cards for as high as $1,000 through GiftCardMall.com and pay as little as $5.94 each for the purchase fee and activation fee.  I am the one who discovered the opportunity to buy Chase gift cards for … Read the Full Post

Follow Up on No Fee Chase Visa Gift Cards

*************DEAL ENDS ON SEPTEMBER 22, 2013***************   Some text updated on 4/12/13 – See bold/italicized text.    I would have posted this yesterday but I didn’t have electricity. We have been in the midst of a crazy ice storm followed by a nice spring snow storm! I still don’t have power but have a few minutes … Read the Full Post

Chase is Temporarily Waiving The Fee For Chase Visa Gift Cards Ordered Online! Free Manufactured Spending!

*************DEAL ENDS ON SEPTEMBER 22, 2013***************   UPDATE: 4/9/13 8:15AM – Chase’s terms & conditions have been updated to say that a PIN is now available on these cards!! Thanks for pointing out the change Harvson3!     I stumbled on this last Friday while I was looking into options to buy Visa or MasterCard … Read the Full Post

500 Free Bonus Hawaiian Miles and Up to 1,000 Free Hawaiian Miles Per Month

The best miles are free miles as far as I am concerned. But are they really free? If it takes you an hour to earn 50 miles it is probably not time well spent. But when I can get free miles without any major time commitment, then I’m all over it! Hawaiian offers an opportunity for … Read the Full Post

Free Gold Elite Status With Hilton HHonors

One good thing that Hilton HHonors has going for them is the relative ease of obtaining free Gold Elite status. Gold Elite status comes with a host of benefits including free breakfast and free internet. Over the years there have been multiple opportunities to obtain free Gold Status for just about anyone willing to take … Read the Full Post

Up to 1,000 Free Marriott Rewards Points

Marriott had teamed up with Warner Bros studios to promote the new movie “42”. The movie is the life story of the baseball legend Jackie Robinson starring Chadwick Boseman and Harrison Ford.   Between now and April 14th you can submit your baseball story online through Marriott Rewards Insiders online forum. It doesn’t need to … Read the Full Post

1,000 Free Frontier Airlines Early Returns Miles For New Members

FrugalTravelLawyer has a pointed out an offer to get 1,000 free miles just for signing up for Frontier Airlines loyalty program, Early Returns. This offer has been available on and off in the past from Frontier. If you don’t already have an account, now would be a good time to sign up here.   I did … Read the Full Post

500 Free Virgin America Elevate Points on Facebook

Jason over at MilesQuest has pointed out a little promotion on Facebook from Virgin America. For simply liking them on Facebook you will be awarded 500 Elevate points. You will also be entered into a giveaway for a roundtrip flight for two to either Tokyo, Hong Kong, or Seoul on Singapore Airlines.