How to Use Amazon Payments to Earn Free Miles and Points

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DEAL IS DEAD AS OF 10/13/14 This is a method that has been around for quite a while now. But I have received a lot of questions and emails around this topic in the last couple weeks so I figured it was probably about time to cover this again as a lot of new people … Read the Full Post

Getting a Cheap or Free Hotel Stay Using Best Rate Guarantees

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I’m cheap and with 4 kids I need to be! Using hotel points for free stays saves a ton of money but there are times when using points is simply not the cheapest option. I’m not talking about putting valuations on points and comparing them to paid rates either. I’m talking about taking advantage hotel … Read the Full Post

An Introduction to the Basics of Manufactured Spending

I thought I would take a little time and explain the general concepts of manufactured spending for those of you who are new to the miles and points world, or maybe just new to this concept. So here is beginner’s guide to manufactured spending. This is intended to be a great starting point for those … Read the Full Post

My First Free Trip Out of the Country With Just My Wife and I!

Having 3 young kids has always kept my wife and I in the States. We love taking our kids with us on trips and have a hard time leaving them home. We visit a lot of family, stay at resorts for free, and take full advantage of all the free miles and hotel points I … Read the Full Post

2 Days Left to Transfer AMEX Membership Rewards to Hilton @ 1:2.7

Just a quick reminder that through Friday, Amex is offering a 35% bonus on Membership Rewards points being transferred to Virgin Atlantic. This deal is better than it sounds. You can simply use Virgin Atlantic as the middle man to move points to Hilton at a far better ratio than most programs. Virgin Atlantic transfers … Read the Full Post

How to Get to Maui Free This Winter

It is getting to be that time of year again up here in the northern parts of the US where the weather is starting to cause us all to daydream about Maui or some other island where the sun is actually shining and you can’t see your breath whenever you go outside! Time to start … Read the Full Post

How to improve your credit score

How can you improve your credit score? As you have probably noticed by now, good credit can add hundreds of thousands of frequent flyer miles and points to your travel portfolio every year. Without good credit you are going to miss out on all the big miles and points sign-up bonuses. Don’t get me wrong, … Read the Full Post

Gearing up for my next credit card churn

It is almost that time again, Christmas is almost here and I’m getting excited! Call me weird (my wife does) but what I really want for Christmas is for the 5x at Office Depot on Vanilla Reloads deal to come back… But hey, the deals come and they go, I guess that is the nature … Read the Full Post

Earning Miles and Points Without Credit Card Churning

Although sign-up bonuses on credit cards a great way to rack up a large stash of miles and points, it is by no means the only way to play the miles and points game. Maybe your still working on getting your credit up to the point where you can start taking advantage of credit card … Read the Full Post

500 Free Aadvantage Miles From American Airlines

American Airlines is giving 500 free AAdvantage miles just for taking a simple survey , less than 10 questions! I don’t know about you, but I am all about quick easy and free miles. All you have to do is “Like” both American Airlines and AAdvantage and then complete the survey. The survey is just a few … Read the Full Post