Earn Up to 50,000 Bonus US Airways Miles for both New and Existing US Airways MC Cardholders

earn up to 50000 bonus miels for referring your friends

Barclay card is stepping up their efforts to attract new US Airways card members before the clock runs out and Citi becomes the exclusive issuer of the combined American Airlines. That means a big win for both new applicants looking to pick up the US Airways card.   Currently Barclaycard has increased the sign up bonus … Read the Full Post

Disney World Here We Come

hoto by disnytourstblog

This last week has been absolutely nuts with working overtime 10 hour days at the office only  to go home and spend the rest of the evening working on installing trim in our basement. I’ve managed to get all 50 ft worth of Oak ledging installed, the window jambs built and installed, the jambs around … Read the Full Post

1,000 Bonus Miles That I Didn’t Even Know I Earned!

barclay spring bonus campaign email screenshot

I love getting offers for easy bonus miles. But it is even sweeter when you earn bonus miles without even knowing it! I just got an email from Barclaycard letting me know that I may qualify for bonus miles as a result of some Amex gift cards I bought on through the Barclaycard Rewards Boost shopping portal. … Read the Full Post

New Enhancements to the Arrival Cards from Barclaycard

Barclay Card Arrival plus World Master Card

Barclaycard announced a renaming of the Arrival cards today along with a list of new features and enhancements that only serve to make these cards even better cards for your everyday spending. Prior to now, Barclay’s had done a poor job of differentiating between the 2 different versions of the Arrival card. Honestly I’m pretty … Read the Full Post

4x Bonus Miles On American Express Gift Cards Through Barclays Portal Is Back Already!

4x miles per dollar on american express gift cards with barclaycard rewards boost

It was just a week ago that the 4x miles offer went away and surprisingly it is back again already! Barclay Arrival cardmembers can get 4 miles per dollar for buying Amex gift cards through the RewardsBoost shopping portal. That is in addition to the normal 2x per dollar you would receive for using your … Read the Full Post

Barclaycard Adding Free Checked Bag Benefits to the US Airways Mastercard

free first checked bag with the barclaycard us airways dividend card

With so many programs and credit cards changing benefits and removing benefits lately, I was pleasantly surprised to read an email I received from Barclaycard tonight. Starting April 30th US Airways Dividend Miles MasterCard cardholders will have the added benefit of receiving your first checked bag for free. This will benefit will apply to all … Read the Full Post

4 Miles Per Dollar On American Express Gift Cards Through Barclay Shopping Portal!!

4 miles per dollar on amex gift cards from barclays arrival

Barclaycard is currently running an awesome special on the purchase of American Express gift cards through the Barclay Rewards Boost shopping portal. Right now you will an extra 4 miles for every $1 you spend on gift cards! That is in addition to the normal 2x miles earned if you are using your Barclaycard Arrival … Read the Full Post

Results of My Recent Credit Card Applications

Citi Platinum Select AAdvantage World MasterCard

Last month I decided it was time to pick up a few new credit cards. It had been awhile since my previous credit card applications because I have been trying to keep the number of inquiries down on my credit reports in anticipation of buying a new house this spring. My FICO score has held … Read the Full Post

The New Hawaiian Airlines® World Elite MasterCard

Hawaiian Airlines® World Elite MasterCard

About a month ago, Barclaycard announced the debut of the new Hawaiian Airlines® World Elite MasterCard after Bank of America failed to get its contract renewed to issue these co-branded cards. There were several months in limbo between the end of the BofA version and the release of the Barclay’s versions. But the new card is … Read the Full Post

Spending Requirement Will Soon Be Increasing on the Barclaycard Arrival™ World MasterCard®

40000 bonus with barclay arrival

I just added a few new cards to my portfolio recently, one of which was the Barclaycard Arrival™ World MasterCard®. It appears my decision to add this card to my applications was well-timed. Barclay’s has held the sign-up bonus steady at 40,000 bonus points after spending $1,000 in the first 90 days. While the bonus isn’t … Read the Full Post