The End is Coming for Amazon Payments – No More Earning Free Miles as of October 13th, 2014

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Amazon Payments has been one of the easiest methods for hitting minimum spending requirements and manufacturing easy and free additional spending on your credit cards. For years now Amazon Payments has allowed us the ability to send $1,000 per account to another person each month using a credit card as the funding source. Most of … Read the Full Post

How to Use Amazon Payments to Earn Free Miles and Points

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DEAL IS DEAD AS OF 10/13/14 This is a method that has been around for quite a while now. But I have received a lot of questions and emails around this topic in the last couple weeks so I figured it was probably about time to cover this again as a lot of new people … Read the Full Post

How Am I Going to Hit $21,000 Minimum Spend in 4 Months?

My latest card churn came with a pretty substantial set of minimum spending requirements. The days of getting massive sign-up bonuses simply by getting a credit card and only making 1 purchase are slowly becoming history. Obviously there are still many offers out there that will award the bonus after your 1st purchase, but credit … Read the Full Post