Cash back on American Express Gift Cards is Back With 1.5% from TopCashBack!

American Express gift cards have come to be a staple for a lot of manufactured spenders due to the ability to earn a nice amount of cash back for purchasing these cards through a shopping portal. Cash back generally ranges in the 1%-3% range though at times there have been special offers of 4% or 4x points through various portals. However, at the beginning of September American Express pulled their gift cards from all shopping portals leaving everyone wondering if and when they would come back.

Everyday for the last month now I have been pulling up all the shopping portals looking and hoping for the return of American Express gift cards and I know many of you have been doing the same thing. The rumor I had been told was that they would return as of October 1st, 2014 but I had been unable to confirm it for sure with any of my contacts. The best response I could get was that it was a “temporary pause” and that they were “hopeful it’ll be available again in the near future”.

amex top cash back limited time offer september 30th only

Well it looks like today we have a confirmation of sorts. TopCashBack has put out an offer giving 1.5% cash back on American Express gift cards. The offer is for TODAY ONLY and will end at midnight tonight EST. 1.5% is not the biggest offer ever but it is plenty enough to justify the purchase in my book after a month-long drought!

The bigger question is what will happen at midnight tonight? Will it go back to no cash back for American Express gift cards like it was yesterday? While there is no official confirmation, there appears to be a pretty good hint in the email that TopCashBack sent out.

topcashback email for limited time offer on amex cards

Notice the text at the top of the email in the image above states, “24 Hours (EST) before anyone else – 1.5% cash back from American Express®”. That seems to pretty clearly confirm that as of tomorrow, October 1st, American Express gift cards will officially be available on other shopping portals!! Topcashback appears to have managed to negotiate a day early start to their contract. We will know for sure tomorrow but I am placing an order today for sure!

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3 Responses to Cash back on American Express Gift Cards is Back With 1.5% from TopCashBack!

  1. Rich says:

    This is good news! My only problem is my Simon mall wouldn’t take my ame gift card to buy Visa cards & gift card mall doesn’t accept them as a payment any longer. How are you cleansing these?


    • My local Simon still accepts – they never look at what I use to pay.

      IF you have a legit business you would try applying for a volume corporate account at which are higher value cards too.

      I haven’t tried gift card mall recently but I’ll be checking that to see if it is ture. Otherewise Amazon for Target is an option of liquidation.

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