Back From Camping & The Winner of the Accor Hotel Voucher is…..

I am back from our weekend camping trip. For 10+ years my wife has been suggesting we should consider getting a camper. For 10+ years I have been responding to her with something along the lines of “real men don’t need campers, real men use tents”. I think I have finally changed my tune. It rained Friday night and of course the tent leaked on the edges getting 2 of our sleeping bags wet. But I can deal with that every now and then. But packing… I hate packing and unpacking!!

Dos Equis Camping Picture

My wife and I have two totally different packing styles when it comes to camping. When just the boys and I go we pack as little as possible and keep it simple. Packing takes half an hour at the most. My wife seems to think we need to pack the entire house for a two night camping trip! It drives me absolutely crazy. Why should a two-day camping trip be a 4 day packing project?? In her defense I guess the 10 month old does require a lot of extra stuff.  But at this point I think I have decided a camper looks very enticing if for no other reason than being able to keep all the camping gear packed up.

Anyway, now that I have that off my chest. Friday I ran a little giveaway for a hotel voucher from Accor Hotels that I am not going to be able to use before it expires at the end of November. I drew a winner at random using this afternoon and the winner is Ty. Congratulations and check your email for instructions on claiming your voucher.

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