AWESOME DEAL – 3% Cashback on American Express Gift Cards And No Purchase Fees!

TopCashBack has upped the payout for purchases of American Express gift cards once again to 3%. This is as high as it ever gets. If you are trying to hit a minimum spending requirement or manufacture some additional spending on your credit cards, this could be a great way for you to get it done and actually make a small profit! Keep in mind Citi will consider this a cash advance so DO NOT buy these gift cards with a Citi credit card. This deal tends to come around with some regularity and I usually try to take advantage of it.

red hot deal 3 percent cashback on american express gift cards

Normally American Express charges a purchase fee of $3.95 per card and $8.95 for shipping, which drastically reduces the profitability of buying these cards. However, there are a few promotion codes available right now which will waive the purchase fees on your orders. For no purchase fees on Business gift cards you can use the promo code FPADMIN (good thru April 30th) or you can use promo code SYNCGIFT to waive the purchase fees on personal gift cards.

no purchase fee on amex gift card

Without the purchase fee, the only thing you are left paying is the $8.95 shipping fee. But you can get out of that too by simply signing up for American Expresses unlimited next day shipping program. Unlimited next day shipping is $99/year but when you sign up you are giving a FREE 3 month trial. During this time you pay nothing and can take advantage of the free shipping all you want and if you decide to cancel you can do it right online at anytime.

If you don’t already have a TopCashBack account you can go ahead and sign up here using my referral link.

Things you should know about buying Amex gift cards:

  • American Express is infamous for declining gift card purchases if the info you enter does not match your credit card 100%. Literally I have had orders denied because I listed a different email address in my order than what I had on my credit card so make sure every piece of information matches.
  • Purchase limit is $5,000 per person within a 14 day rolling period for personal gift cards.
  • Business gift cards have a larger maximum of $75,000.
  • If your order is denied they will still count it towards your $5,000 total limit! This is absolutely asinine but unfortunately it is true.
  • Citibank is known to consider gift card purchases as a cash advance. DO NOT USE A CITI CARD!
  • Take advantage of the 3 month free trial Amex offers for unlimited next day shipping to save money!
  • You cannot set a PIN for Amex gift cards so you will have to liquidate them by making purchases. An easy liquidation option is to go to and purchase Visa gift cards which can be liquidated via Bluebird.

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7 Responses to AWESOME DEAL – 3% Cashback on American Express Gift Cards And No Purchase Fees!

  1. Don says:

    Thanks Jeremy!

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  3. Brian says:

    Giftcard mall rejected my order telling me that they will not accept an amex gc for payment of any gift cards. Jerks. Any idea where I can buy visa mc gift cards at using this?

    • How did they know it was a gift card? I use Amex gift cards w/ them all the time. You have to register it first with AMEX w/ your name, address and phone #

      Other places to buy include at any Simon Mall ($2.95 fee – see or Staples will accept it

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