2.2% Cashback on American Express Gift Cards from BeFrugal

2 point 2 percent back on amex gift cards from befrugal

September has come and gone and portals are once again paying out cash back on the purchase of American Express gift cards. The standard rate over the past month has been pretty consistent at 1.5% back. However, in the last couple weeks BigCrumbs ran a one-day sale at 2+% followed shortly after by TopCashBack offering … Read the Full Post

Will Citi Honor the New 50k + Admirals Club Passes Offer on My Exiting Card?

experience enhanced benefits featured image

If you are like me then timing is not your best attribute. Back at the beginning of September I did a round of applications and between my wife and I we picked up 3 new Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select World MasterCard’s with 2 of them being business versions. I knew enough to know that you … Read the Full Post

LIMITED TIME OFFER – 50,000 Bonus Miles + 2 Admirals Club One-Day Passes On Personal and Business AAdvantage Platinum Select Cards

50000 bonus miles plus 2 free admirals club passes

The standard offer on the personal and business versions of the AAdvantage Platinum Select cards is 30,000 miles after spending $1,000 in the first 3 months. Despite that being the standard offer, it is usually pretty easy to find an offer floating around for 50,000 bonus miles at just about any given time. However this … Read the Full Post

2.25% Cash Back on American Express Gift Cards from TopCashBack – TODAY ONLY

2 and a quarter percent cash back on amex gift cards from top cash back for october 22nd

If you missed Mondays one-day only sale on AMEX gift cards from Big Crumbs you are in luck! TopCashBack is increasing the payout on American Express gift cards from the previous 1.5% to 2.25%. But you will need to get moving fast to take advantage of this offer as it will only be available today … Read the Full Post

2% + on American Express Gift Cards from BigCrumbs – TODAY ONLY

2 percent back from big crumbs on american express gift cards featured image

Last month was a long dry spell with no portals paying out any cash-back on American Express gift cards. Since the beginning of October they have been back on portals and I know many of you have gotten back in at the current 1.5% rates going on many of the portals including Topcashback and BeFrugal. … Read the Full Post

1,000 Free US Bank Flex Perks Points Plus Spending Bonuses

1000 bonus flexpoints for enrolling in Visa Checkout

If you have US Bank Flex Perks card you could be just a couple clicks away from 1,000 free Flex Perks points. I recently discovered that my wife even had a Flex Perks card. We thought had closed the account years ago back in 2009 and never heard from them again. I’ve check credit reports since … Read the Full Post

Get a $20 Visa Gift Card From Staples When you Buy $300 of Visa Gift Cards

staples get 20 visa prepaid when you buy 300 or more in visa gift cards

Fresh on the heels of this weeks $20 rebate on MasterCard gift cards, Staples is already rolling out another rebate on gift cards deal for next week! Only they have made next weeks deal even better. Two weeks in a row is nice to see from Staples and I wouldn’t be surprised to see an … Read the Full Post

Test Drive a Cadillac and Earn 7,500 AAdvantage Miles!

Earn 7500 aadvantage miles for test driving a new cadillac

I love it when I can earn miles for simply doing something I would have likely done anyway. Maybe I’m just weird but I actually enjoy going out and test driving vehicles just for kicks and giggles. So when an offer comes up that will give me AAdvantage miles to test drive a new car … Read the Full Post

Get a $20 Staples Gift Card When You Buy $300 in MasterCard Gift Cards.

$20 staples gift card for buying mastercard gift cards

The rebate deals from the major office supply stores have really been few and far between lately. There have been times where it seems one of the major players had an offer nearly every other week. This is the 1st deal I have seen in a while and hopefully we will see Office Max follow … Read the Full Post

300 Easy Free La Quinta Early Retuns Bonus Points

300 easy points from la quinta

La Quinta is currently offering 300 points simply for watching a short video. This is a promotion that has been available on and off again for a couple of years now. You actually don’t even have to watch the video. Simply head on over to this page and enter you Early Returns member # and last … Read the Full Post