American Express Small Business Saturday 2014 – And How You Can Maximize It

While Black Friday and Cyber Monday have become two of the largest shopping days of the year, I much prefer to go shopping the Saturday after Thanksgiving – Small Business Saturday. This will be the 5th year since American Express first started promoting Small Business Saturday back in 2010. This year I am even more excited as this years promotion looks to be 3x as good as last years!

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Last year was the first year that saw Amex change the card member offer which had held steady the first 3 years at a $25 statement credit per card. In 2013 American Express dropped the amount down to $10. While it was a bummer to some, how can you really complain about free money!

This year American Express has actually kicked the offer higher than ever. For Small Business Saturday 2014 (November 29th) you can receive up to (3) $10 statement credits per registered card for shopping at a qualified small business. You can check out the Shop Small map to see which local business will qualify for the statement credit. Keep in mind that your transaction has to be for a total of at least $10 minimum in order for you to receive the statement credit. The terms do not appear to require the 3 transactions to be at separate merchants so you should be able to do 3 transactions at the same merchant if you want to.

Now here is where this gets really good. If you noticed in the last paragraph I mentioned this is up to $30 in statement credits per registered card and not per person! Think about the potential there. You can register each individual American Express card that you have and earn up to $30 on each card. In addition to the American Express credit & charge cards, the Bluebird and Serve cards are also eligible for this promotion! That is a huge change!

Another major plus in the promotion is that the offer applies independently to each card that is registered rather than the account itself. Are you catching my drift? That means authorized user accounts with a separate card number can also qualify separately to register for the promotion. So for example, I have the Delta Platinum card and I have my wife on as an authorized user with her own card with its own card number. That one account, with 2 cards, can combined earn up to $60 in promotional credits.

So between my wife and I we have 3 accounts with each other added as an authorized user plus we each have a Bluebird card and I also have Serve card I manage for my brother. That brings us up to 9 different cards eligible for up to $30 each. That is an easy $270 just for shopping small on Saturday, November 29th, 2014.

You will want to put a reminder on your calendar and be ready to sign up when registration goes live at 12:00 am MST on November 16th, 2014. There are only a limited number of cards that will be allowed to register so get on early and get signed up. I will post a reminder as the date gets closer.

How about you, are you on board?

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