4x Bonus Miles On American Express Gift Cards Through Barclays Portal Is Back Already!

It was just a week ago that the 4x miles offer went away and surprisingly it is back again already! Barclay Arrival cardmembers can get 4 miles per dollar for buying Amex gift cards through the RewardsBoost shopping portal. That is in addition to the normal 2x per dollar you would receive for using your Arrival card making this worth a 6% rebate on travel or 6.6% after the 10% rebate on redeemed points that the Arrival card offers!!

4x miles per dollar on american express gift cards with barclaycard rewards boost


You don’t have to use your Arrival card if you don’t want to. You could pay with a different card and earn 4x points with Barclays + whatever miles you earn from the card you choose to use.

You can also choose to instead pocket 3% cashback from TopCashBack or earn 3x Delta Skymiles via SkyMiles Shopping.

Normally American Express charges a purchase fee of $3.95 per card and $8.95 for shipping, which drastically reduces the profitability of buying these cards. However, there are a few promotion codes available right now which will waive the purchase fees on your orders. For no purchase fees on Business gift cards you can use the promo code FPADMIN (good thru April 30th) or you can use promo code SYNCGIFT to waive the purchase fees on personal gift cards.

Things you should know about buying Amex gift cards:

  • American Express is infamous for declining gift card purchases if the info you enter does not match your credit card 100%. Literally I have had orders denied because I listed a different email address in my order than what I had on my credit card so make sure every piece of information matches.
  • Purchase limit is $5,000 per person within a 14 day rolling period for personal gift cards.
  • Business gift cards have a larger maximum of $75,000.
  • If your order is denied they will still count it towards your $5,000 total limit! This is absolutely asinine but unfortunately it is true.
  • Citibank is known to consider gift card purchases as a cash advance. DO NOT USE A CITI CARD!
  • Take advantage of the 3 month free trial Amex offers for unlimited next day shipping to save money!
  • You cannot set a PIN for Amex gift cards so you will have to liquidate them by making purchases. An easy liquidation option is to go to giftcardmall.com and purchase Visa gift cards which can be liquidated via Bluebird.

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16 Responses to 4x Bonus Miles On American Express Gift Cards Through Barclays Portal Is Back Already!

  1. Jim says:

    Can you confirm if using American express premier gold will get credit for the points when buying American express gift card?

  2. D says:

    Buying a gift cards with an Amex GC is only worthwhile if you need a personalized card. And it costs $5.95 per $500.

    • purchase fee is 3.95 per card – promo codes mentioned will waive that fee – The portal offer initially shows a max of $500/card.
      However, you can get around the 500 per card max by simply clicking Consumer gift card or business gift card drop down at top of screen and then selecting “select a design”. The page will refresh and you will be able to select up to a max of $3,000 per card!! At 4x miles bonus plus normal of 2x on arrival card you would earn 18,000 miles and only pay shipping fee of $8.95 (plus cost to liquidate Amex card)

      • D says:

        Sorry I wasn’t clearer, if you use an Amex GC at giftcardmall.com it costs $5.95/$500.

        • Oh – I see what your saying. Yes it is expensive to buy Visa GC’s w/ the Amex gc’s but for many people it is the only or easiest way to liquidate the Amex gc’s. TopCashBack only pays 0.5% on Visas from GCM which isn’t as much as it used to be but helps offset cost a little. So with prior example – $3,000 AMEX = 18,000 miles at a cost of – AMEX shipping 8.95 + (5.95*6) to turn amex card into Visa cards via GCM – $15 cashback from TCB for GCM = $29.65 for 18,000 miles worth a minimum of $180 These are just estimated numbers for the example and honestly to liquidate a $3,000 AMEX on GCM it will actuallu cost about $42 with cheapest shipping option.


  3. teresa says:

    Do you know if the Amex gift card can be used to pay school tuition? I know you run it as a credit whenever you’re charging online or at the store. I can pay tuition via credit card online, and even with the 2.4% convenience fee, I will still come out ahead if I purchase Amex gift cards at 6X.

  4. Frank says:

    Can’t you liquidate via Amazon payments?

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  7. purcitron says:

    just tried sending amazon pmnt using amex GC from ofismaks… “payment failed”.
    any advice please?

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