3500 Delta SkyMiles From the ShareBuilder Promotion Have Already Posted!

Last Saturday I talked about an offer that had been around for a while but I had forgotten about. Through ShareBuilder you can earn from 2,000 up to 3,500 miles with Delta, United, or US Airways with any new account. Unlike most investing offers, this one does not require you to have a huge balance, but rather pays out after your first trade. For more info on the offer check out last weeks post.


Since I had never taken advantage of this offer, I decided it was time. I opened a new account last Saturday and scheduled an automatic investment of $5 to take place this week on Tuesday (auto investment is cheaper). I got confirmation that the trade went through on Tuesday and eagerly checked my Delta account tonight to see if anything showed up yet. Lo and behold, the miles have already posted!!


3500 Delta SkyMiles from ShareBuilder Promo


3 days from the 1st trade and the miles are already in my account. It appears that this offer can be taken advantage of multiple times as well! The terms state, Limit one per unique customer or custodial beneficiary. So I plan to open a custodial account for each of my kids, now that the miles from the 1st account have posted. So hopefully I should be able to get another 10,500 miles for them and then I’ll add some accounts for my wife! For those of us with several kids, this could be a great opportunity!


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