300 Free La Quinta Returns Points

InACents has pointed out an opportunity to earn a quick easy 300 points in La Quita’s loyalty program. All that is required is for you to watch one of the following videos and then enter in your member number and last name.





La Quinta Returns 300 Free Bonus Points


Heck you can even skip the video and go straight to the final page to earn the free points located here.


Updated Link: https://www.returns-enewsletter.com/nimblefish.jsp



I have never stayed in one of La Quinta’s properties so I can’t really say much about the program, but if nothing else the points can be transferred to one of several frequent flyer programs (at a terrible rate) to keep your miles from expiring.


Free points are free points and the offer is available until July 31st. I don’t leave anything on the table!


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2 Responses to 300 Free La Quinta Returns Points

  1. kammery leaming says:

    I watched the video to get a bonus 300 points. I put in my member number and last name and I was told that the promotion had it expired, the flyer says I have until March 31st. Or am I reading the flyer wrong and I must do it on One of the two dates in the flyer? It states during the promitional period Febuary 19, 2014 and March 31st.

  2. Jeremy - The Points Traveler says:

    That link is old – Try this one https://www.returns-enewsletter.com/nimblefish.jsp

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