25,000 US Airways Dividend Miles With LifeShield Security System

For those of you who happen to be in the market for a home security system, this might be an option worth looking into. I am not at familiar with this company but if any of you have any experience with them or this offer please leave a comment about your experience.


25000 US Airways Dividend Miles for Life Shield Home Alarm System


The offer awards 25,000 Dividend Miles to new customers ordering the Home Essential Kit and requires a 36 months service agreement.


25000 bonus miles


They state that the equipment is free, but that is pretty much standard with any home security service from what I’ve seen. They also offer a 30 day money back guarantee – although you do not receive the 25,000 miles if you end up returning it w/in 30 day money back period.


Here is the offer page. Make sure and read all the terms and conditions and compare your other options before jumping on this offer.


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