$25 Amex Gift Card For Only $15 Via Twitter

UPDATE: This deal is now dead.


A big thank you to MilesQuest for posting and making me aware of this deal.


$25 Amex Gift Card For Only $15 Via Twitter

American Express periodically runs different deals that result in free money via Twitter. Currently they offering the option to buy a $25 Amex gift card for only $15. In order to participate you have to sync an existing American Express card to Twitter and the $15 will be charged to your Amex card. If you haven’t synced your card in the past you can do it through Amex here.


Once you have your card synced you can do the following to get the deal:

  • Tweet #BuyAmexGiftCard25
  • You will get a reply from Amex asking you to tweet back #ConfirmAmexGiftCard25– When I did mine it took about 15-20 minutes before I got a response, so just be patient
  • Once you tweet #ConfirmAmexGiftCard25, you will get a confirmation in another 10-15 minutes confirming that it was successfull.


Just like that you made $10!! You can’t beat free money! If you have more than one Twitter handle and more than one Amex you should be able to do this deal multiple times as the terms state that it is a Limit of 1 purchase per card per product.

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