2 Days Left to Transfer AMEX Membership Rewards to Hilton @ 1:2.7

Just a quick reminder that through Friday, Amex is offering a 35% bonus on Membership Rewards points being transferred to Virgin Atlantic. This deal is better than it sounds. You can simply use Virgin Atlantic as the middle man to move points to Hilton at a far better ratio than most programs. Virgin Atlantic transfers to Hilton HHonors at a 1:2 ratio. So Membership Rewards points transferred through Virgin Atlantic to Hilton HHonors transfer at a rate of 1:2.7 almost tripling your points!

Keep in mind, however that when you transfer MR points to Virgin, that you have to transfer in increments of 1,000 points and then transferring Virgin to Hilton has to be in increments of 5,000 with a minimum transfer of 10,000.

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