2% Cash Back on Visa Gift Cards – One Day Only

About two weeks ago, I showed how you can get paid for buying $1,000 Visa gift cards simply by signing up for TopCashBack and using their link to get to Gift Card Mall. Buying Visa gift cards can be a great way to manufacture a lot of spending at a very low-cost or even at a profit if you are willing to take the time to do it right. For those of you who are not familiar with manufactured spending or not sure exactly how to make it work, you might want to first read, An Introduction to the Basics of Manufactured Spending.


2 percent back on Visa gift cards 


Normally, Top Cash Back gives members a 1.5% rebate on Visa gift cards ($15 per $1,000 card) which results in a net profit of $9.06 if you use the cheapest shipping option or $7.06 if you adding tracking to the shipping.


But tomorrow only, Monday April 29th, the amount is being raised to 2% ($20 back per $1,000 gift card). It does appear to take 14 weeks for the cash back to post to Top Cash Back but in the end it will be worth it.




1. Sign-up for TopCashBack via this link.


2. Search for giftcardmall in TopCashBack’s website via the search bar.


3. Follow the link there to giftcardmall.com.


4. Select Visa gift card and follow the prompts to purchase.


 UPDATE: 4/28/13 9:35 PM CST


Apparently Top Cash Back has already started giving 2% back even though it is not supposed to happen till tomorrow and the site still states 1.5%.


2 percent cash back on Visa gift card from gift card mall via top cash back


I ordered 2 of the $1,000 gift cards earlier today and just happened to check my wife’s account and the cash back bending is for $40 meaning they are giving me 2% on today’s purchase! I’m pretty happy about that, considering that I wasn’t thinking when I bought them today instead of tomorrow!




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