15,000 Bonus US Air Miles Just for Using My Existing Card!

I just got a pleasant surprise in my email for my US Airways Premier World MasterCard. January 4th I applied for this card as part of my 1st Quarter 2013 Credit Card Churn. The offer, which is still available, was for 40,000 bonus miles after the first purchase. It also offered up to 10,000 miles on balance transfers, which I would NEVER suggest anyone do as the fee’s involved are way more than the value that you would get out of the miles.


In this day and age it is tough to find good sign up bonuses that award the miles/points after the 1st purchase so I jumped on the offer. Both my wife and I got the cards, made our one purchase, and then put the cards away.


US Airways 15k Bonus for Spending $750 per month

Email from US Airways


Today we both received offers to receive an extra 15,000 miles each if we put $750/mo in purchases on the card for the months of April, May, and June. Cha-ching!! I had seen reports over the last several months that Barclay’s does this if you have no activity other than the first purchase. I’ve been patiently waiting and hoping they would continue to offer this incentive to use the card! This has effectively made the sign-up bonus 55,000 miles after $2,250 in spending. That is one of the best sign-up bonuses in the industry right now.


The US Airways Premier card also allows you to redeem miles for 5,000 fewer miles than normal, making a round-trip domestic flight cost only 20,000 miles. The sign-up bonus combined with this offer gives you almost 3 free round-trip domestic flights! You can’t hardly pass that up.


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