1,050+ Free AAdvantage Miles Via Facebook Promotion Plus Up to 9,000 Bonus Miles For Flights

American Airlines is running a Facebook promotion which will give you the opportunity to score some pretty quick and easy free miles. The promotion will award you up to 700 miles for simply playing different games and answering trivia questions for various different AAdvantage partner programs. You can also earn another 350 miles for completing different social tasks including liking AAdvantage, following AA on twitter, inviting friends, etc. In addition to the free miles, you can also earn up to 9,000 more bonus miles based on various flight requirements.

aadvantage passport challenge earn 1000 bonus miles


The games and trivia a pretty simple and only took less than 10 minutes to complete. In order to get the full amount of points on the various games, several of them require you to like the partner and also share the partner info on your page. You can always like and share and then go back in later and delete all the spam posts 🙂

aadvantage passport challenge learn and earn passport stamps

I was able to complete all trivia & games in under 10 minutes – Easy Miles!

Once you complete all 9 of the trivia and games you will be awarded 100 bonus miles to bring your total to 700. The various social activities are pretty simple as well and take about 2 minutes to complete for an easy 350 more points.

All said and done I spent about 20 minutes to complete all the activities for both my wife and I to earn an extra 2,100 miles. Not too shabby!

Fly & Earn

Besides just getting some quick free miles you also earn miles for actual flying. What a novel idea. Even if you do not plan on taking any flights, don’t just ignore this section. If you actually click on the flying badges you will be directed to trivia that will allow you to earn more bonus points! Each flying trivia is another 50 points.

aadvantage passport challenge fly and earn passport stamps

Click on each of these for bonus miles not mentioned on the landing page


You can’t pass up an easy 1,000 free miles for 10 minutes of your time. You don’t even have to get the trivia questions right to earn the points, so you cannot lose! If you happen to be traveling between now and May 23rd, 2014 you could end up even more miles! Check out the full terms and conditions for more info and start earning free miles here.

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