$1,000 MetaBank Gift Cards Available Online

It has been a while since the elimination of the $1,000 gift cards from GiftCardMall (GCM) where you could actually turn a small profit purchasing them simply by using one of several shopping portals. Since those days GCM has reduced the max card amount down to $500 and added and extra $2 fee to each card in addition to the normal fee & shipping. On top of that the cash back portals have reduced payouts to only 0.5% at GCM.

card options from metabank

While this may not be a return to those days it could be a positive development in the world of manufactured spending. William over at Doctor of Credit has posted an intriguing potential deal. MetaBank is selling four different types of cards online in large denominations from $1,000+ and will accept credit cards for the purchase.

  • MasterCard Gift Cards – regular MC gift cards issued in denominations of up to $1,000 with a $4.95 purchase fee
  • MetaBlue Visa Reloadable – Reloadable Visa up to $1,500 with a $6.95 purchase fee & $3 monthly fee
  • MasterCard Travel Prepaid Cards – Reloadable up to $1,500 with a $6.95 purchase fee
  • MasterCard Youth Card – Reloadable up to $1,500 with a $6.95 purchase fee & $3 monthly fee

The only one I am intrigued by is the regular old MasterCard Gift card. This should be your standard typical MetaBank MasterCard gift card that are sold in stores all over. If this is the case then the last 4 digits can be the default PIN and they should load to Bluebird or be able to be cashed out buying money orders. I’ll let you know when mine comes in the mail. The down side to this deal is that there doesn’t appear to be any cash-back options via any shopping portals to make this an even sweeter deal.

buying a 1000 dollar gift card from metabank

The bigger concern is that because these will be purchases directly from a financial institution they run the risk of being processed as cash advances. There have been reports of Bank of America and Chase cards successfully running as a purchase. There are also reports of Citi and US Bank running them as cash advances, which should not be a surprise to anyone. Please share your experiences in the comments below.

And as always I would highly suggest starting out small and slow and make sure everything plays out as expected before attempting to ramp this up. Oh, and also, you can only use a Visa, MasterCard, or Discover card so this won’t be an option for liquidating your Amex gift cards.

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7 Responses to $1,000 MetaBank Gift Cards Available Online

  1. bmau09 says:

    When you order thousands of dollars of prepaid and gift cards through the mail, do you worry about them getting stolen? It seems like the time between when the cards arrive in the mail and when you get home is a very nerve-racking time.

    Also, why aren’t the prepaid debit cards as interesting as the Mastercard gift cards? A 6.95 fee for a $1,500 load seems like a good deal. In addition, Doctor of Credit says the online reload fee is $10. What’s the maximum reload amount? If the max reload is the full $1,500, then this can be a convenient way to manufacture spend online.

    • Yes, sometimes I get nervous when cards don’t show up when I expected them too. But I have never had an order not show up at all and I have done dozens upon dozens upon dozens of orders over the years. I hope i didn’t just jinx myself. If they did get lost in the mail the issuer should be able to shut them down and reissue if notified promptly.

      Max reload is $1,000 and I don’t like the idea of monthly service fees and per debit transaction fees. While you are right, this could still be a convenient way of manufacturing spending, I just don’t find the margins high enough. On the other hand, it appears MetaBank is cancelling multiple orders which may make it hard to scale this up with just the gift cards. As more details emerge regarding MetaBanks tolerance as far as how many cards they will issue and in what time frames, etc – then we may will re-evaluate.

  2. LaurieJanean says:

    Will $1,000 MetaBank Gift Cards go through Evolve Money as a Visa debit card (as do the $500. Visa Vanillas)?

  3. nathan says:

    hay, can you load this card to serve from wal-mart recently?

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